Monday, December 27, 2010

Run And Tell That

Well hello, figured I would leave you with the standard end of the year review post. You know the one where I talk about all the boring stuff that happen to me during this year that you don't care to be reminded about. Also it would be where I would tell you all the cool stuff I am going to do for the next year. Which would include loosing weight and spending more with friends.

Let's review why this post would be boring and would probably make you want to punch me in my throat. First, my life is not that exciting, and it would be embarrassing to try to make it more exciting than it needs to be for you and I. Secondly, I find that looking back just makes you just remember what you failed to do to make it better. So what does that leave us? How should I continue this post and keep your attention? I say lets just sit down and enjoy this video that will always remind me of 2010. It helps us all remember that something dumb is normally the funniest.