Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Am Not Dead Just Floating

Okay first off let me apologize for not writing on this blogs in literally months. I am not going to bore you with details, but sometimes life happens and well you have to deal with it before you can move forward. I am moving forward, at a pace that is manageable, and I have to say I am not out of the woods, but things are stable. For those who have shown concern over the last year I can't begin to thank you; and trust me your love will not be forgotten.

 So what have you been doing with yourself without my gentle mix of sarcasm and childish wit? Have you been watching the Food Network? If you are please be careful because objects may appear not as they seem at a closer view. Lately I have noticed that the Food Network is growing less and less concerned about being informative and more about likability. Now I get it Bob Tuschman it’s a business and you need to make the cash. You do this now by putting likable but clueless talent that bore me with their little cooking tips that are over played. The Food Network does have a few descent programs like, Chopped but even then the judges really show you occasionally their pompous and condescending food snobbery. Food should not be dismissed to a level too low nor elevated too high; it should communicate a feeling, an emotion that the cook wanted to share. Like McDonalds shares an emotion of pure and unadulterated fat ass. Sometimes you want something greasy and indulgent so you reach for a Big Mac, if you are rolling your eyes in disgust then we are probably are not as close of friends as you make think.

Food in the pure form is nourishment so one can stay alive physically but when it touches your heart it nourishes your soul. I think The Food Network needs to stop putting folks in cars to travel the country for diners and dives and focus more on how food can be a way to communicate even when you can find the words.

What do you think?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 The Year We Discover Together

Hi everyone, I am sorry I have been absent for a few months but my live is a changing and I had to attend to it before I could re-focus my efforts to this blog.  I think the changes that I have encountered has allowed me to really dig deep inside myself and discover my passion.  Don't worry I am not going to run off and join seminary no but I think you will be surprised. 

All I can say is stay tuned, its going to be a fun ride.  In the meantime just enjoy this: