Tuesday, December 30, 2008


From Wedding 2008

Good Morning everyone out there wherever you may dwell. Now that Nicole and I are a one vehicle family I am up early driving her to work. With a nice cup of joe this morning I was a little more aware than normal. Which is good because Nicole likes to "help" me drive sometimes and if I am grumpy its not pretty. On my way home I realized that this year is closing fast and what do I have to show for 363 or so days? Not sure on the leap year deal and right now I am too lazy to look it up.

First of all, the biggest highlight of my year was my amazing wedding on the beach in Jamaica. Just writing that sentence still gives me chills. Reason being is because for a short little fat guy from Kentucky it was something I would've never imagine being able to do. Not because of the cost, but moreover to find the perfect person to share it with, what a difference that makes. My best memory was our last night and me surprising Nicole with a candle light dinner on the beach. Her eyes lit up that night and her smile keep me warm. That is night I will never forget.

Another cool thing I discovered this year was cycling. As Nicole reads this I am sure she will be rolling her eyes. This is because I tend to jump into things head first. Cycling was no different, I bought a Trek bike and thought I was going to be riding everywhere in no time. Yeah, one problem with that, I am fat. Being fat may be fine for my old hobby of working on my Camaro, but as for cycling it is not a good attribute. So this year I need to remind myself, "Baby steps Bob."

Finally this year has allowed me to build lifetime memories with friends. One memory that stands out this year was a call I got from my friend Casey from the hospital at 3am shortly before he became a new father. The excitement in his voice was priceless. Then a few months later being asked to be the godfather to Lauren, what an honor. Also this year I have been able to reconnect with my old friends up north Andrea and Christian. You are good people and can't wait to see you guys this upcoming year.

So this year has been pretty robust. Can't wait to see what next year has to offer. Take sometime today to reflect on what this year has meant to you. Maybe it was uneventful for you or maybe it brought some big changes. Some say never look back, but sometimes its fun to see the road you have paved.

Happy New Years.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

During the making of the animated Christmas classic A Charlie Brown Christmas, Peanuts creator Charles Schulz had a meeting with Lee Mendelson, the show’s producer, and Bill Melendez, its lead animator. The discussion concerned Schulz’s insistence about including a New Testament scripture reading of the Christmas story from the Bible. The scripture reading was to be spoken by Peanuts character Linus Van Pelt in response to Charlie Brown’s lament, “Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?” Mendelson and Melendez both voiced their concern about the reading, with Melendez telling Schulz, “It’s very dangerous for us to start talking about religion now.” Schulz answered him by saying, “Bill, if we don’t, who will?” In the end, the scripture reading was retained, and the CBS special was the second-most watched show of the week when it debuted on December 9, 1965.

Linus’ King James version scripture reading from Luke 2: 8-14, read:

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this [shall be] a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


So what can I say, when we arrived to the local mall this is what I saw one car spot over. My first reaction was only in Kentucky would someone consider mixing 180 proof alcohol and Slim Fast. I had to take a picture because I thought it would be fun to caption. I will go first:

"Looks like Grandma is mixing the Everclear in her Slim Fast again."

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sh*tters Full

Blue Christmas

So its Christmas time and I am feeling kind of dismissed from it all. As I get older I seem to be losing the spirit of Christmas. I seem to be going through the motions of it all. Buying gifts, putting up lights and the tree, and doing the variety of Christmas activities. This year I find myself, more than ever, trying to ring out the last ounce of enjoyment of Christmas. Sometimes I sit quietly and try to remember of Christmas's past and seek enjoyment in those memories. Although I am worried that will grow dry and then where will I be? So do you feel like this? Probably not, I am unique in how I feel sometimes. Some one use to say to me,

"You have to just enjoys things for what they are, not what you think they should be."

That person was my Dad. I guess I need to listen to him.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gift Giving

Hi everyone, how is everything going? For Nicole and I we are a little behind this year with putting up the tree and such. We plan on doing it this weekend among other Christmas related activities. By the way, it's Christmas for me. You can call it what you want. But that is a separate blog for a later date.

One of the activities this weekend for Nicole and I will be buying gifts for the lucky few that made our list. Sorry if you didn't make the list, if you received a Christmas card consider yourself lucky...lol. Anyway when Nicole and I look at our list we always have problems knowing what to buy for certain people. Normally its because how do you buy for someone who has everything?

With that said let me share you are a story that I heard a few days ago. A friend of mine knew someone who was playing Santa this year for a local community. He was telling me that about one particular little girl who had a very somber request when he asked, "What do you want for Christmas little girl?" Her response is something that makes me sit back and really bring things in focus for me. The little girl turned to him in her old dirty clothes and said, "I want a hamburger." When I hear that it makes me understand how out of touch I am with the basic need to give back.

So this Christmas when you are shopping for the person who has everything stop and consider the person who has nothing. Don't let Christmas get you frustrated and worried about that special gift. Because you can always donate or give in some one's name. Don't forget it may just be a hamburger that someone may need this Christmas.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Jay Leno taking us for a ride in his new Corvette ZR1.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Am Mine

Hi everyone, I have noticed that a lot of people who keep up with this blog are close family and friends. That is great, and that is what I first intended it to be initially. Although lately I have seen that I have been getting hits from all across the world. Yeah I know... Maybe one day I will be in Denmark, one can only hope. With that in mind I realize that many people may not know much about their author so today I have decided to give you a brief bio. Goodness never done this really, just in interviews.

My name is Ken, and I hail from the red state of Kentucky, in a city called Hebron. In case you where wondering I do wear shoes and I don't date my sister. I am married to Nicole, the sweetest girl in the world. We do not, at the present moment, have any kids. We do have the craziest but coolest dog in the world, her name is Lucy. I am not really what you would call a savvy web guy but I am learning. I work at Signature Hardware which is a online website that sells decorative plumbing, hardware, lighting, and home and garden items. I know very exciting right. I know, I know... I am living the dream! I have some of the greatest friends on the earth and wouldn't trade them for anything. So as you can see I am pretty simple and well I don't mind it all

So what about you? Where are from? Are you just as boring? I would love to learn more about my readers. So post a comment or email me at durbin.ken@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Take care and have a great day or night depending where you are.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Drove Here.... Made It!

I love that title, it is from a comedian named Tim Wilson. He starts with that line every time he does stand-up. I used that title because this week, was my first week back to the gym, and "I drove there and made it" myself. I find that the hardest part of my workout is not the hour long spinning class or the hour on the treadmill. Its the walk to my car and my drive to the gym. I find that once I am at the gym I am ready to go and energized about my workout.
So drive there and be proud of yourself for doing so.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Life is like a box of rocks, never easy to swallow or digest. I guess when you break it down into smaller pieces it can be tolerable but never easy. I know, not a good start, keep reading I promise I will ease up on the niceties. Again with the sarcasm, well get use to it, I make it a common practice here, feel free to join in. So where was I, all yeah life. Funny how I just drop it as just life, but when you say that word it means different things to everyone. For some it may be a nice life with a new someone or it can be a quick ending to something you thought would last forever. For me its neither. When I say life, I think of how things fall to together in a puzzle that you will never have a table big enough in your head to put together.

I find sometimes all of my worrying comes from realizing I may not know whats next. Will I be ready? Will I know what to do or say? Uncertainty, for many can be a constant struggle and stressor, or it can be a fun ride that you hope never ends. When I consider the unknown I try to stand brave and hope I am ready, but am I? Some say, "Life comes at you fast." Is that true? Or is it that we don't slow down enough to make sense of it all. Sometimes I wonder is this really how it was planned for me? Then I roll over and listen to Nicole sleep and close my eyes, slow down and smile because I realize the answer is yes. Yes this is the script, this is how its playing out. The funny part is twenty years ago you could have sat me down and asked me to imagine myself at my age and I would've never said this would be how it unfolded. For the longest time I would try to measure myself on stuff, cars, houses, and other worldly stuff. Now I try to measure it by smiles I see and the company I keep. If you take that to the bank I would be the richest man in town like George Baily.

So I am not going drop a, "I learned something today" line like the ending of a CBS after school special. What I will say is that sometimes you have to close your eyes and let the tide take you out to sea. Let the waves relax you instead of scare you to death. Know if life happens you can always count on yourself to know the way. In life make waves, and don't be afraid where they lead you. Because where you are going is right where you belong.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rigging Up The Lights

- More cool how to projects

Fat Guy, Little Coat

This morning, very early, I took the first step in assuring that I will be ready for August and the Livestrong Challenge in Philly. Yes I am on a team called "Marlene's Misfits" in remembrance of my good friend Andrea's mother Marlene. I can't wait to get in shape and raise money to fight cancer. To learn more please visit her blog.

So when I got to the Ymca this morning I was very nervous and apprehensive about doing a group cycling class. But once I arrived in the cycle studio I was greeted with such warm faces. Nothing like getting support from people you don't know at 5:45am. The instructor said it would be best if I stayed in the saddle for the class since today was going to be pretty intense for a beginner. Its a good thing I heeded her advice because half way through I was feeling it pretty bad. As the pain set in I thought about all the people laying in a hospital wishing they could have the opportunity to ride a bike or exercise, but can't because they are dealing with cancer. I try to remind myself that the reason I ride is for them.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Perfect List

So what do you want for Christmas? At my age most people would say, "I don't know." Remember though, when you were a kid. You didn't know where to start. It would take you hours and sometimes days to compose the perfect list. The list that couldn't fail. I can remember getting a catalog out and circling everything I wanted. After I was done the pages would a be nasty web of blue ink. Most of the time you couldn't really understand what I wanted on any particular page. So my response would be, "I just want everything on the page." I didn't realize at the time this had to drive my parents crazy. I had no concept of what they would be able to buy or not. The mere thought of how much things cost verses what my parents could spend never entered into my head. I look back and in a way feel guilty. Because now I would trade all those toys in for one more magical Christmas morning at eight years old. A Christmas with the family all together so I could soak in the the smiles and reactions. So I could just relish the joy in my parents faces when I said, "This is exactly what I wanted." The problem is those memories seem so distant and when I think about them it makes me somewhat sad. Oh well I can only hope in the upcoming years I can start sharing those moments again. If you have kids make sure you capture the spirit of Christmas. Because it will be what you will wish you could hold on to and never forget.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Stand By Your Man

I am not much of a movie buff, frankly with my short attention span its hard for me to make it through most movies. Although the other day I found myself glued to the TV watching one of my all time favorites, Rocky. I know, I know, Stallone, but this was before he had jumped the shark with the whole Rocky Brand. This was the original, the one that won three academy awards including best picture in 1976.

As I watched it this time I left with a whole different takeaway, a feeling that kind of made me understand why Rocky was so great. Its a story about two people who compliment each other and depend on each other so deeply. I am sure most of you have seen the movie so I won't bore you with the details but it kind of reminded me of Nicole and I. In some ways I see myself like Rocky, a guy who is simple, funny, but not really gifted with the best brain. Nicole, like Adrian, is so very supportive and knows that Rocky means well and is always at his side. She knew in order for him to be successful she had to support him and encourage him to be a boxer. Even though she didn't want him to be a boxer, and get beat up she would be the first one telling him to get back in the ring. Nicole does that same for me and I don't really take the opportunity to tell her that enough. She stands by me through it all and always tries her best to encourage me.

By the way my favorite quote from the movie is:

"Rocky, I am going to have you eat lighting and crap thunder."

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

From the whole staff here at kendurbin.net would like to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.
Okay that was so cheesy it made me throw up in my mouth a little. Hey just eat, laugh, and make memories. Don't forget to share with others what you are thankful for this year.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Classic

Dream Weaver

As I sit at work I day dream a lot. Needless to say my job is mindless. Sometimes I dream of days to come and wondering what I would do if I actually won the lottery I never play. Although I must say, especially during this time of year, my mind wonders to the holidays and my Dad. Sometimes I try to make sure I haven't lost precious moments I once spent with him. This is what I did today, and it was kind of weird. I couldn't remember one particular memory of a trip we took together as a family to Pennsylvania. Sad really but I sat here almost all day trying to remember the place we went but still no luck. The weird part is that through all of that I was able recall a memory of my Dad thought to be long forgotten. It had to do with Thanksgiving

When I was younger we would make the the six hour drive up to my Grandmother's house for Thanksgiving. The best part of this drive would be the call my Dad made to my Grandmother about an hour to her house. He would ask what she made, and how the dinner was progressing. During this call I always made sure I was about three inches from the receiver. Once the call was done my Dad would be telling us for an hour what kind of feast we were about to devour. Now that is a memory I thought I had forgotten. I guess they are all up there in my head somewhere. I think I will add that to my list of things to be thankful for this year.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Return Of Mr. Cranky Pants

So I guess by now you know I can be cranky from time to time on this blog. I am sorry but I feel like I poses an equal balance of crankiness and sensitivity with a pinch of sarcasm. Okay maybe not a pinch.

With that being said, I come to you today with a rant. I know everyone is getting ramped up for the holidays and can't wait to show their Christmas cheer. But put away the Christmas trees and for goodness sakes take down the lights. I know Grinch huh? Well I am sorry with the mall starting Christmas before Halloween someone has to take stand. Don't get me wrong I like to start singing the barking dogs rendition of jingles bells as soon as I can. But not before Thanksgiving.

Putting up Christmas trees and lights before Thanksgiving cheapens Thanksgiving. A holiday that has a lot going for it in many ways. For those who forgot about Thanksgiving please review this
link. Aside from the mashed potatoes and Nicole's amazing green bean casserole there is deeper meaning for Thanksgiving. It is one of those moments throughout the year where you can just sit with family and realize that this is what being an American is all about. Sharing moments with family and friends and knowing that nobody can take those away. If you ask me Thanksgiving may be more important right now than Christmas. With everything that has happen this year all we have is each other and the bonds we share.

So if you have put up lights already just don't light them yet. There will be plenty of time to enjoy them. This week its about the turkey and ooey gooey pumpkin butter cake. Its about Mom's burnt dinner rolls and stories you have heard a million times. Its about having so many things to be thankful for, and so many reasons to enjoy them.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh Snap

Introducing Snap Shots from Snap.com

I just installed a nice little tool on this site called Snap Shots that enhances links with visual previews of the destination site, interactive excerpts of Wikipedia articles, MySpace profiles, IMDb profiles and Amazon products, display inline videos, RSS, MP3s, photos, stock charts and more.

Sometimes Snap Shots bring you the information you need, without your having to leave the site, while other times it lets you "look ahead," before deciding if you want to follow a link or not.

Should you decide this is not for you, just click the Options icon in the upper right corner of the Snap Shot and opt-out.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Give A 100 Back

You know the yellow LIVESTRONG wristband. Now take your support of the Lance Armstrong Foundation to the next level by giving back while giving this holiday season.
Absolutely 100% of Nike's profits from the entire LIVESTRONG Collection go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well my friend Andrea tagged me again. This time I found it to be interesting. What I was instructed to do was post the fourth photo from the fourth folder on my computer. Well this pointed two things to me immediately. For starters my computer is not organized properly as far as folders go and such. Secondly I am pretty sure the picture that I was to pick is the worst picture of me ever!

This picture is from Destin, Florida in 2005. And for Nicole and I it was out first real trip together. We had a blast all week staying is our awesome condo and just enjoying the ocean and each other and the jellyfish.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chill Out Dude

I am sorry I haven't blogged in a few days but I have fallen on somewhat of a block. Not too hard for me really. This time of year I start stressing out and I don't know why. Maybe its the holiday season and the gifts I have to buy. Or it could be the change in the weather and realizing I am too fat to fit into last years clothes? For what ever reason I can't get a good nights sleep. Stress... Stress... Stress.... I can't relax!

Today I woke up and tried to do some things differently to see if it would affect my stress level. I started off by trying to eat a little bit better and stay away from too much caffeine. By lunch time I felt a little weak but I was having an ok day. Then a smile overcame my face like Ralphie on Christmas day holding his Red Rider BB gun. Why you say? Because it was massage day at work! For beating year over year sales for last month we got the owner to get us all massages. This could be my chance to ask the masseuse if she could offer any tips on beating the stress I have been dealing with lately.

As I arrived down the hall to the massage room Mary Alice, the message therapist, asked me if I was okay? I responded back and said, "Is it that obvious?" She said you look tense from which I said, "I am and I need some help." She said to make sure that I take time to relax and use music or meditating before I go to bed. I am fine with the music, but the meditating may not work I am way too scatter brain for that. She also said a hot shower before bed could benefit me as well. I can't wait to try this advice out to let go of this stress. Wish me luck!

If you have any tips I would love to hear them.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Night To Remember

So Friday night Nicole and I went over to visit with an old family friend of mine. Actually I would consider Kevin and his wife Brenda my Dad's best friends. I just love going over to visit them and laugh at old stories about my Dad. Sometimes when we sit around and talk its like he is in the room.

There is a feeling that everyone misses him a lot and it seems to be some type of group therapy session when we can laugh about old memories. Memories that we hope we never forget. For instance, tonight Kevin talked about how my Dad could hold his liquor. How funny is that, I mean that is not something you really talk about with a parent. I guess like Father like son lol.

After a while we threw in the wedding DVD from Jamaica and we all sat around and watched. As we watched it, we laughed and made jokes about all the crazy things the photographer and videographer were having us do. Once the video was done Kevin looked at me and said he was proud of me. As cheesy as it sounds, it kind of felt like that was my Dad telling me that in some weird way.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thank You John

It's crazy the difference a day makes. Yesterday uncertainty and tension. Now today everyone is reaching out and sending the proverbial fist pump to each other. Let me go on record and send out my own fist pump to Mr. Obama. The election was the easy part, now the hard part begins. Good luck. I hope he can deliver the change that everyone voted for you to bring.

As for me I will do what every disappointed red state hillbilly will do now. Listen to some Toby Keith, clean my gun, and spend my waking hours in front of the TV watching UFO Hunters. So don't worry about us we will be fine just as long as they don't close the Dairy Queen.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We Have Come A Long Way

Okay, maybe it's not what you thought. But you have to admit we have came a long way since Vanilla Ice.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Ummmm ....toes! Now that is cute. This is Lauren, the beautiful little girl of our friends Carrie and Casey. I can't believe how big she is getting lately. Just seems like yesterday I was holding her in the hospital just hours after she was born. It has been great for Nicole and I to share the ups and downs of parenting from Carrie and Casey. It is something that excites me and freaks me out at the same time.

I bring this up today for a reason. Last Friday Nicole and I went over to Carrie and Casey's for Halloween. When I first got there I was told by Carrie that Casey needed me to talk to him about something. To be honest it kind of caught me off guard. Since when do guys talk about anything? It also seemed kind of weird having his wife tell me he wanted to talk to me. Nevertheless I went down the hall to Lauren's room where Casey was holding Lauren getting ready to lay her down to sleep. I noticed that Casey was kind of serious and nervous at the same time. He began by saying he wanted to ask me something and that it may be kind out of the blue. Now I was freaking out inside, and before I could make a nervous joke, like I normally do, he asked me to be Lauren's Godfather. It was certainly a lump in your throat moment. I was so surprised and excited. All I can say is that its a huge responsibility that I look forward for many years to come.

Its an honor to be a part of your life Lauren.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Chip Off The Old Block.

Everytime I watch this I turn 5 years old again. Running threw the neighborhood with my pillow case snatching up enough candy to kill a horse. The trick was keeping it from my Dad. He loved the Halloween candy. I think I used to sleep with it, just to make sure he didn't get it overnight. My Dad always loved this time of year, now I know where I get it from.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Got Tagged

Well I want to start out by saying I am not much on chain mail or those annoying reply all emails. When I first saw the the comment from my good friend Andrea on the last post that I was tagged I was thinking tagged?? Then I headed over to her blog Evolve and discovered that it wasn't anything like that all. What it was asking me to do was something that I don't normally like to do, and frankly scared me.

I found out that being tagged requires me to post seven random and or weird facts about myself. Okay here we go....


The items I am about to share can not be repeated or held against me in a court of law.

  1. I use my tongue to scratch my throat. This btw drives Nicole crazy and she hates when I do it anywhere around her.

  2. I have a watch fetish

  3. Can do several voice impressions of people and this would again be something that Nicole could do without.

  4. Knows probably way too much about his neighbors.

  5. Once asked his Mom and Dad, when he was 5, if we could take my sister back to the hospital because she wouldn't stop crying.

  6. Wonders why he can't stop doing what he shouldn't be doing. And why he can't do what he should be doing.

  7. But most of all, thanks God every night that I have the best wife and friends anyone could ask for.

Well there you go, that should be enough for everyone to laugh about for a while. It was fun thanks Andrea. This was a great exercise to really bring out things that you may want people to know about you but never could work into a conversation.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Manners Please

Today I come to you with a question I seem to be asking myself a lot lately. The question is,"Have we lost the idea of common courtesy?" It seems lately I have been finding that people, at a rapid pace, are becoming more cynical and down right rude. It seems within the last few years everyone is trying to take advantage each other to further themselves or their family. Why is this?

Some would say that that one of the reasons for this behavior would be that we have become a super competitive society. A place where you have to fight for everything, and if you don't play dirty you will be walked on and sent to the back of the line. Is that what we have become, a society of, "step on you to benefit me?" Don't get wrong I do believe you have to work hard for what you have in life. You should always take advantage of opportunities you have. But at what expense?

I guess what it boils down to is what were you taught? Were you taught manners and common courtesy or where you taught to take what is yours, even if its not. I feel like a lot of things that people wouldn't dare to do to each other just five years ago, they do now without blinking an eye. Is this being taught to kids by their parents or does the world harden them to be this way?

I am not asking for change, there is enough of that going around nowdays. I know I have asked a lot questions and do I think I will find any answers, probably not. I am just hoping that all is not lost. That maybe when I get old that someone will understand that you have to respect your elders. My fear is that one day an old person, as an example, will be looked at as a liability and not a resource.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I am sorry if you raced here in hopes of seeing pictures of me naked, I don't think you could stomach that sight. The naked title today refers to fact that I left home for work without my Blackberry. I know the horror right? I feel like Linus without his blanket. As a matter of fact I am currently breaking out in a cold sweat and shaking in the fetal position. Mommy! Okay maybe I am not that bad, but I do feel lost.

Am I crazy? Or better yet, what does that say about me? In a way I don't really see myself as someone who is so important they have to have their phone on them at all times. Not like I am going to miss a call informing me that I just inherited millions from a long lost uncle. Either way today without my Blackberry made me realize that I can't let electronics and "stuff" consume me.

Now if you don't mind I need to get home and check my email on my Blackberry.

Monday, October 20, 2008

6 Months

I don't normally like to share conversations Nicole and I have in our bedroom, not because they are risque, but because they are normally pretty boring. Although this morning was kind of funny. As I was sleeping so nicely Nicole gentle whispers, "Happy Anniversary" So I responded, with my eyes still closed, "It's not April." Then we both laughed and said our goodbyes for the day.

Nicole and I have made it to six months of marriage. I know its not that big of deal to some of you that have been married for years. Although for Nicole and I it is our first semi-anniversary since we got married in Jamaica in April. So what did we do? Nothing because stupid me decided to help someone out at work so I am working late. I know pretty stupid huh! Oh well i meant to remember, but did I? No.

Got me thinking, is this how it happens? Do you get married and always forget the anniversary? I hope not because I enjoy surprising Nicole and celebrating days like that together. I know what you ladies are saying, "Men never remember, its in their DNA." That may be true on some level but I think you have to make it a point to remember. That is what they appreciate guys. Its not the diamonds or Kate Spade bags you buy them, its that you remembered. Today made me understand how important that is to her and to us that I remember.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jumping In Leaves

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree”

-Emily Bronte
What a perfect Autumn day we have here in the commonwealth. Some sun and a gentle light breeze, just enough to make us finally put the shorts away. Yes the weather here has broken, and now instead of complaining about how hot it is, we complain that its too cold.

I really enjoy watching the seasons change right before my eyes. In a way it is a clock that everyone can set their lives to and enjoy. For me Fall, is my favorite season for many reasons. First of all it is when I met my sweet wife and what a blessing that has been. Although on a different level, Fall represents to me a time of slowing down and taking time to take inventory. With the cooler weather also brings me a sense of renewal and thankfulness.

Not quit sure what you will be doing today but, I hope you have time to just stop, and enjoy. Enjoy the day and the company you share. Make some memories you can always draw from and relish.

Now this concludes my George Winston moment.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Porn For Fat People

Good Day, I just wanted to drop in and introduce you to a new blog I have started reading. It's called Food Network Addict and if you are like me, and enjoy the food network, you will love this blog. The addict offers up interviews and all the inside dish to your favorite food network stars.

As for the the title of the this blog entry it comes from a SNL skit. If you are looking for a good laugh I encourage you to watch it:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thanks Cleveland

This Saturday the 18th we get to the celebrate yet another Hallmark Holiday, Sweetest Day. I wanted to find out he origin of this so-called holiday. I found it to be pretty interesting. Here is the orignal ad in the in 1922 in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Sweetest Day was founded around 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio by Herbert Birch Kingston who was a local candy company employee. Kingston sought to bring cheer and some happiness to the lives of those who were often forgotten. With the help of his friends, he began distributing candy and small gifts to children living in orphanages, those stricken with illness or disabilities, shut-ins, and others who were forgotten.

During the early years of the holiday, movie star Ann Pennington presented 2,200 Cleveland newspaper boys with boxes of candy to express gratitude for their service to the community. Theda Bara, another movie star of the period, also helped in establishing the holiday by giving away 10,000 boxes of candy to people in hospitals and to those individuals who came to watch one of her films at the Playhouse Square Theaters in Cleveland, Ohio.

Within a decade, the simple idea had gained such popularity that the city of Cleveland officially declared the third Saturday of October as Sweetest Day.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

People Will Believe Anything

Cell phones popping corn... really?? Some lady in my office was sending an email out all day today claiming you could pop corn with a cell phone. Umm.... sorry not true and here is how they did it:

Friday, October 10, 2008

Going Green Myths

HowStuffWorks "Top 5 Green Myths"

I just thought this was interesting. It seems there are always two sides of a story on everything. How dare someone challenge "going green" :)

Oh well it was a good read.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fat Guy In A Little Coat

Well I come to you today very ashamed. I made a commitment to myself and others to lose weight and I have failed. I am not sure why but I often wonder if it will take someone dramatic to change my endless laziness. Its not that I don't want to be healthy and fit, its that for whatever reason I lack the desire.

Which brings me to the greatest question know to mankind. Why? One would argue that if you knew why you can solve the problem. Wrong. I know why I am the way I am. It's because I am lazy,complaciant, and not motivated. Others would say I don't know how to be fit therefore I am not. Well that may be true but I have lost weight in the past and keep it off for a while. But life changes, and your body changes, and you discover that you can't just say you are going to lose weight and lose it. You have to work at it hard every minute of everyday.

I am not looking for pity party because that is not my style. I am fat, and I know it, and I feel like I am down in a hole with no way out. One thing I know for certain I can't count on anyone to reach down and pull me out. I can not expect to be bailed out, although 700 billion could buy me a personal trainer and some nice plastic surgery.

As the days get colder, I plan on trying to rediscover my passion to live a healthy life. I would love to hear from you, the reader, on how you maintain a healthy lifestyle and any struggles you have in battling weight loss.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I know I have remained political neutral here, and for good reason. The reason is because everyone I know, aside from a handful, have decided to get on the bandwagon of Barack Obama. Now by saying that I know I am going to lose some friends. If so then I guess we weren't friends anyway.

I know some of you have read the issues and decided that Obama makes more sense to you. That is your right as a American. A right that is defended by thousands of troops everyday around the world. But if you are jumping on the apparent "winning team" because it is trendy and progressive. Or you have a "we are just different" view of the world then I am sorry for you.

I have decided to come out and be vocal about this election. Even though I may alienate myself from my friends. I will not bash Obama, its up to you to make your own decision. I won't post pro McCain/Palin videos. Nor will I try to take an arrogant stand from my candidate. I will not call someone stupid or bash them just to make my candidate look better qualified.

Now understand I am not going to sit here and waste my time to get your vote. I am not campaigning for anyone. If you want that then just turn it on any news station like MSNBC or CNN they have such a crush on Obama, it is causing some male newscaster to get tingles up their leg. Yikes. Not to mention how arrogant and angry they are at McCain/Palin that they spend their entire show yelling and insulting Sarah Palin and John McCain. If you are getting your political information from biased news networks you may want to move passed the rhetoric and do some homework on your candidate.

My belief is that there are a lot of people out there saying Obama is the best choice so they don't seem out of touch or not progressive. But when they are in the voting booth they will vote their conscience. The will vote for someone who will make the hard decisions this country needs. That choice is will be John McCain.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

All I Got Was A Rock

As I gaze outside my window at work I am amazed how the seasons present themselves so quickly. I just remember a few short weeks ago I was having the A/C on and wondering when I would be enjoying the cool crisp fall air. Wouldn't you know this morning on my way to work I did just that.

I find that fall is my favorite season because of sounds of haunted house screams and smells of hot apple cider. I would also be remiss if I didn't mention that I met Nicole on Halloween Day five years ago. Also Nicole is a crazy decorating fool when it comes to Halloween and that is something I have come to enjoy very much.

This weekend Nicole and I are going to get us a pumpkin and enjoy some Autumn fun. If I see the Great Pumpkin I will put in a good word for you.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Its A Pickel George!

With the biggest point lose on wall street in one day I figured I wouldn't bore you with what I think of it all. I will say that greed is the root of it all. I guess I better plant another money tree out back.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Sounds

Looks like Geof, from the hit Food Network show Ace of Cakes, not only makes amazing cakes but he can strum a little too. Just thought you could use a Sunday mourning soundtrack.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Goodbye Luke

Paul Newman 1925-2008

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To me Paul Newman is the finest example or class and professionalism, in a business where that has become extinct.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Did He Say?

Josh Howard, who was taking part in Allen Iverson's celebrity football game in July, is at the center of a controversy for comments he made during the game's singing of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

"Star-Spangled Banner going on right now," Howard says to the camera. "I don't even celebrate that (expletive). I'm black."

Howard starts to say something about Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama, but the camera moves on to other players at the game

LIVESTRONG Blog | Share Your Story Finalist’s

LIVESTRONG Blog | The Lance Armstrong Foundation Blog » Blog Archive » Share Your Story Finalist’s

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Don LaFontaine, You Will Be Missed.

The entertainment industry's most ubiquitous voiceover king has died. If you know the name, no doubt it's from the Geico commercials he did recently. But you know the voice because he was a veteran of thousands upon thousands of television spots and movie trailers

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

CINCINNATI (AP)—Maybe receiver Chad Johnson can go by the name that his head coach hates.
Cincinnati Bengals receiver has legally changed his name to Chad Javon Ocho Cinco in Broward County, Fla., a switch that became official this week, according to several media reports. Johnson, who lives in Miami, didn’t return a message left on his cell phone Friday night.
“It’s something I don’t think anyone has ever done before,” he told the team’s Web site. “Have I ever had a reason for why I do what I do? I’m having fun.”
Two years ago, Johnson gave himself the moniker—a reference in Spanish to his No. 85—and put it on the back of his uniform before a game. Quarterback
Carson Palmer ripped it off before the kickoff. After the season, coach Marvin Lewis—who dislikes Johnson’s attention-getting stunts—referred to the receiver as “Ocho Psycho.”
Bengals spokesman Jack Brennan said the Bengals had no comment on the matter.
Johnson has been a concern for the Bengals this season. He unsuccessfully lobbied for a trade in the offseason, threatening to sit out if he didn’t get his way. When the Bengals refused, he relented and showed up for minicamp, but complained that his right ankle was bothering him.
He had bone spurs removed from the ankle and was limited at the start of training camp. In the second preseason game, he landed awkwardly and temporarily dislocated his left shoulder. Johnson is wearing a harness and expects to play in the season opener against Baltimore.

By the way if he really wanted to change his name to 85 it should be:

ochenta y cinco(och-EHN-tah ee SINK-o)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To Do List

1. Wake up and get dressed.

2. Eat breakfast.

3. Get gear together in backpack.

4. Watch following video:

5. Ride for Jack and Jason!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Thank God For DVR

I would normally not get political on here because there two things you don't talk about unless you want to piss people off and that is politics and religion. With that said, I hate this time of the year as far as TV because of all the political ads. Yeah, Yeah I am the last person on the planet that hasn't traded their TV for something more intellectual. I was raised in front of a TV and I love watching it in the evening. Although this time of year you have the pleasure of being bombarded with presidential ads. YUCK! Although I guess they are a necessity though because the majority of people will make their political choice just by watching the same 30 second ad over and over. I hope not but I am sure its true and very sad. What is really sad is that we are a nation of millions of millions people and only get to choose between two??? I am sorry , got on my soapbox... who owns soapboxes?

With all that said I am glad I have digital cable, and I can record my favorite shows and just fast forward threw all of those annoying political ads. Yeah! It does take away from my favorite drinking game though, "Every Ad Take A Drink" Probably good because I am sure my drinking game days have long passed me. Just remember don't be fooled or mislead by what someone on TV is telling you about the upcoming election. They are getting paid to tell you what they want you to hear. Go out and do the research and learn for yourself. Because placing a vote for a president is not a popularity contest its way more important than that.

I am Ken and I approve this message.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Pot Calling The Kettle Fat

Winchester Man Too Fat For Big Boy?

Why don't they let this guy wear suspenders like the Big Boy does?

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Now This Is Customer Service

Nissan didn't do this for Nicole and I when we picked up our Rouge. It's amazing what another $200k will get you.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Watch Them Jiggle

I hate the fact that I am getting older. All the things I thought would never happen to me seems to be happening. For instance, this morning I was was getting ready for work in the bathroom and looked up in the mirror and noticed the latest curse of old age. Man Boobs. Yes, I have some slight man boobage going on and it is freaking me out. I did what I always do when I freak out, I frantically got on the Internet to see if I could find any help. What I found was the link below:

4 Ways to Get Fat Off of Your Chest LIVESTRONG.COM

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The Long Road

Today was a very rare day in the Greater Cincinnati Area in August. It was an absolutely beautiful day with temperature's in the mid to upper 70's. No excuses! I loaded up my bike in the the Rouge and headed up to a place I have wanting to get to Miami Whitewater Forrest For two dollars you get full run of the park, for me I was interested in the bike trails. If you are interested in my ride, please check the side bar of my blog under my "My Latest Ride" section.

Like I said, it was so awesome out today while I was riding I was able to really enjoy the nature around me. How fortunate am I to be able to spend my whole afternoon on my bike. I hope I can remember these simple days and hope there will be several more to come.

Btw I went 25 miles today....My longest ride yet!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Turn head and cough.

US cyclists apologize for wearing masks

A group of American cyclists has apologized to Beijing Olympic organizers after arriving in China’s capital wearing face masks.Michael Friedman, Sarah Hammer, Bobby Lea and Jennie Reed released a statement Wednesday, a day after they caused a stir by showing up in the protective gear.“The wearing of protective masks upon our arrival into Beijing was strictly a precautionary measure we as athletes chose to take, and was in no way meant to serve as an environmental or political statement,” the athletes said. “We deeply regret the nature of our choices.

Our decision was not intended to insult BOCOG or countless others who have put forth a tremendous amount of effort to improve the air quality in Beijing.”The host city’s air remains a concern with the start of the games approaching. Beijing has put into effect long-planned pollution-control measures, such as taking cars off the streets, and American officials are cautiously optimistic.Jim Scherr, the U.S. Olympic Committee’s chief executive officer, said his organization didn’t ask the cyclists to apologize.“Those athletes regret that action and have written an apology to BOCOG on their own behalf,” Scherr said. “They now realize and understand how their actions were perceived by the host nation and by the organizing committee.

”Scherr said masks have been issued to national governing bodies that requested them.“I understand that about 200 of our athletes received those masks through the national governing body, not directly from the U.S. Olympic Committee,” Scherr said. “Hopefully they won’t have to use them.”

Monday, August 4, 2008

Save a car, ride a bike!

Something New

I thought I would break away from the norm this month and offer some variety to my blog. Today I wanted to introduce you to some new music. I love new music and I am sorry if this is not to every ones liking but give it shot. Don't worry its not country!

My first recommendation is Summer Watson Summer Watson is what I like to call reflective music. When I say reflective I mean, sitting on the beach with your eyes closed and letting the music heal you from the inside out. She lists her influences as: The Ocean, Sailing, traveling South America, Love, beach days, sunshine, last minute Mexico trips, Costa Rica, waves, red wine, stella artois, family, friends ,singalongs, vocal harmony, good music and so much more.

Another artist from the same southern California area is Chris Cook. Now this artist is also unsigned and in the same circle as Summer Watson. He is particularly special to Nicole and I because "CMLS" or "Counting My Lucky Stars" is what we danced to at our reception. I would say his music is what you want on when you are with some close friends around a fire on the beach.

Can you tell I already miss the Caribbean...ugh!

Friday, August 1, 2008


I am hating this! I just had surgery on my head to remove a cyst and I am just kind of hanging around at home. Just watching TV and chillin'. I feel like I am a kid again and I am grounded for getting in trouble with my little sister. Not to mention I am laid up and imprinting my butt permanently in the couch. I just got a bike, and it is sitting quietly in the garage wondering why it is so lonely. Being grounded sucks.

If you are interested in pictures of my gnarly head just ask and I will email them to you. Anyway have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

For My Friend

I am feeling a little better since my surgery on Monday. Yeah, I had a growth removed from my head. Nothing too serious... but I am sure glad that it is over. Although today my thoughts are with my friend and her family, who are dealing with much more than me.

Take a moment to laugh if possible:

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Napkin Anyone?

Well I am sorry that it has been a few days since my last post. I know, I have been slacking, but to be honest it is hard to write something here everyday. I don't always feel inspired to share, is that rude? Don't get me wrong I enjoy sharing in my random and sometimes incoherent thoughts. I hope I haven't let you down and ran you off. I am committed to try to stay somewhat consistent. Look for some changes to the weekly post format in the coming month.

For now enjoy the following video:

Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's A Twister

One look at that picture and you begin to understand what kind of evening Nicole,Lucy, and I had. I was enjoying my Sunday nap when I kept hearing the neighbors saying, "Oh my God!" over and over again. I also heard some thunder in the distance. At first I just rolled over to get back my summer slumber. But my curiosity got the better of me so I looked out the window and saw a black sky. As I turned around,the tornado sirens erupted. I ran out to the living room and saw Nicole sitting there on her laptop. I said, "Have you looked outside?" She said she was just out there a half hour ago with the dog and it was fine. The sirens keep ringing, I told Nicole we would need to head down to the garage. I ran down the steps outside and looked around the corner and I was stunned. It was a large wall cloud rotating towards us. I ran back up the steps and told Nicole get Lucy and don't worry about anything else. So I grabbed the keys and my Blackberry, this just proves that I guess I consider my Blackberry as part of the family. When we got to the garage we nestled ourselves in front of the back concrete wall. At this point the rain started coming down very heavy and thunder that wad defying. I was, to be very honest, worried. God bless my sweet wife, as we sat there she said we should have a prepacked emergency bag. Always thinking, what would I do without her and her constant pro activeness. Well the storm blew over without any serious damage here. Then the sun came out, and we ended our evening with Italian Paninis for dinner.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Laugh, Think, and Cry

On March 4, 1993, Jim Valvano was awarded the inaugural Arthur Ashe Courage and Humanitarian Award at the first annual ESPY Awards. Following is his acceptance speech

I can't believe it has been fifteen years since I watched that speech on ESPN. It moved me then, and it still does today. I have never forgot the quote at the end:

"Cancer can take away all my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart and it cannot touch my soul. And those three things are going to carry on forever".

The Jimmy V Foundation

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Dare You

hat was something I heard all the time when I was a kid. For those who didn't know me as a kid I didn't turn down too many dares. You didn't have to go to the dreaded double or triple dog dares, I would take you up on it pretty quick. I must say my pride got me hurt a lot as a child, although I was a kid and what else where you going to do, right?

One thing my friends and I did do all the time was ride bikes. It didn't matter if it was sunny or raining, we where always on our bikes. Sometimes it was to just ride to a friends house to play Atari, or a all day drive to my grandparents house in Cincinnati. So I am sure your asking what does my lack of turning down a dare and riding bikes have to do with each other?

I have decided to accept a dare, the dare to lose weight on Livestrong.com . I was reading on the website last night and once I saw the word dare, it was on like donkey kong. LOL... sorry I have been dying to use that phrase. I have bought a bike and I am committed to shed the flab. I will get into the bike in a future blog.

Anyway, so lets review, I can't turn down a dare, my childhood was so boring all I did was ride bikes, and I have accepted a dare to lose weight at age 35. No problem I am glad we had this chat.

To follow my progress: Livestrong Blog

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life in a box

Hello out there whomever you are, I don't have anything specific to write about today. It was a normal day work,home,and sleep. Boring you say, not really to be honest. I guess one may feel as though it is boring, and ask why didn't you do something fun and get out of your box and live a little. Right now I don't mind being in my box, it may not be much but its mine and I am sharing it with my sweet wife and awesome dog.

I imagine one day I am sure I will look back and realize how easy it was just to go to work then home then to bed. I will long for days that weren't filled with dirty diapers and soccer practices. Some would say I am behind in life, but I believe everything happens in its own time whether you agree with it or not. This is not good for me since I am very inpatient.

I see myself right were I belong, with a long road ahead. A road I am sure that will be mostly uphill. Things do happen, and life will stare you down and test your will. Its how you choose to confront it, and respond, that will make the difference. A challenge is how we learn, but you have to allow yourself to learn.

Inside my box there is love and hope. Two things that don't have a price and can't be equalled by anything or anyone. Inside my box I am content, not chasing a carrot I can't catch. Don't worry I am not going to sell my wears and go live in a commune. I hear their dental plan stinks anyway.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Big In China

GM, Ford doing well in China,

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Now I am not going to ramble on about how I have all the answers about high oil prices. And I am not going to point any fingers at any lawmakers or anything. Nicole gets to hear me complain enough about all of those issues... :)

What I will say is I think its interesting that GM and Ford have seemed to find a market to buy their cars and trucks instead of America. But is it too little to late for them, time will tell. I think it is also funny what they say in the article about how the goverment is controlling their fuel prices in China...lol... Now that is a great business plan, make everyone pay for their cheap prices. And I am sure their goverment is also invested in oil.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Quitting last forever.

I was watching the Tour De France today and it just didn't seem the same without Lance. Oh well this year is the first year I have paid that much attention to it really. There seems to be something about cycling I have always enjoyed. Although I haven't been back on a bike in several years, and for good reason I guess. A few years ago I was hit by car while riding and it was painful physically and emotionally. I haven't really told too many people but it was something I wasn't proud of even though it wasn't my fault. I have always wanted to get back in saddle but was a little apprehensive to be honest.

Then about a few weeks ago I saw a picture of an old friend on his bike enjoying life. Made me think I should just do it. I should just get a bike and head out and explore and find out whats waiting for me around the next corner. Now I know what you are thinking, yeah I am little worried about the biker pants and the biker jerseys well lets just say I will be not be doing any Nike ads anytime soon.

Lance says, "Pain is temporary, but quitting last forever." I will try to remember that when I am trying to climb my first hill again. That is what I like about this video, he falls but he doesn't give up.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Time to Party!

Well today is the day we have our post reception party for everyone who couldn't make it down to Jamaica. Funny thing is that today I kind of feel like I am getting married all over again. Which is fine because I would marry Nicole all over again anyway. Nicole has some of her family down helping tie up loose ends, and I am just trying to not get in the way. I can't wait it should be a good party.

To all of our friends and family thank you, we couldn't do it without you. For those who couldn't make it, its kewl. There will be pictures and video of the festivities forthcoming.

Here are some of the places we used for our reception:




Friday, July 4, 2008


It's that time of the year
for the red white and blue
They stand for freedom
in all you say and do

Show off those colors
for all the world to see
Fly them proudly over
the air the land and sea

We celebrate the birth
of our blessed country
It surely is indeed
the land of the free


Tuesday, July 1, 2008


As you can see everything changed overnight. What do you think? I decided to name my blog.... "The Daily Dose" Which means I am going to try to stay on top of this "daily" I can't make any promises that it will have something new everyday, but I will try. You can still expect sarcastic humor and occasional car blog and of course very popular "Lucy Picture of The Week."

Monday, June 30, 2008

I am that guy.

It seems my attempts of not becoming old, has failed. I find myself doing and saying old guy stuff. For example I have noticed that any time I see a boy wearing his jeans around his knees I say,"what is wrong with these kids nowadays?" You have to agree that looks pretty stupid. Although I used to wear a jacket that made me look like Michael Jackson in the eighties. Neither one is inexcusable. The strange thing about all of this is that I don't really feel old. Okay I can't drink myself threw a work week or shake off an occasional hangover. Those days are over, they have been replaced with waking up early and walking the dog.

As I grow older I find myself having a lower tolerance for stupid people. Its not that I hate them, its just that I would prefer them not be a part of my normal day to day life. I know, now I sound like the old man on the porch yelling, "Get of my laaaaaawn." I actually look forward to the day, the day when I am so old that people with think its cute when I yell and rant. I just picture myself in a rocking chair with some nice whiskey on rocks. How I long for that day.

So I guess I am that guy, who as he gets older finds more things to complain about. The good thing is I have a very loving wife who will listen then laugh. Now that is all a guy can ask for, someone to listen and understand. Even if it makes no sense at all and borderlines on insanity.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ferrari California

VIDEO: Ferrari California

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Ok, this is my weekly car post.... yeah I am a sucker for a nice Ferrari. This is the reincarnation of the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spider. You know the one Ferris borrows from Cameron's Dad's garage in, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." Both are classics in my book.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dinner and a show.

So how did you spend your Sunday evening? Well Nicole and I decided to do dinner and a show. No it wasn't your standard dinner at Applebees and a sticky floor movie down on the levee. We decided to cross the river, that right let me say that again, we crossed the river. For those who know me at all, you know that took some courage. I must say I am glad I did.

We started out with dinner at Andy's Mediterranean Grille and I must say the food was spot on and what I expected. Funny story though, before we got there I commented to Nicole that ever since I have grown the beard I look Middle Eastern/Mediterranean and she rolled her eyes at me. Although when we walked into the restaurant the owner "Andy" thought I was a close church buddy of his. Nicole and I laughed, then I said, "you see the beard is very exotic." I love my summer beard.

From dinner it was only a short drive to the theatre, that's right theatre with like real actors and playbills and stuff. I know kind of surprising from me huh. Nicole ordered the tickets online and she did a great job because they where perfect, right in the front row to the left of the stage. The show is called, "The Great American Trailer Park Musical" and when I saw the stage there was no mistaken it was going to be funny. With Christmas lights strung everywhere to beer bottle vases reminded me of home... ok well not really but living in Kentucky we do have Wal-Marts enough said. This hilarious and tuneful domestic melodrama is set in Armadillo Acres, a North Florida trailer park, where having your baby kidnapped isn’t half as tragic as getting a bad perm. The story revolves around Norbert, a toll-booth attendant, and his despondent wife Jeannie whose 20-year marriage is threatened by newcomer, the hot young stripper Pippi. A comedy about agoraphobia, adultery, ‘80s nostalgia, spray cheese, road kill, hysterical pregnancy, kleptomania, strippers, flan, and disco.

On the way home Nicole said, "I need something sweet." Which means a trip to the dairy queen where we got blizzards. Well the diet can wait because it was the perfect ending to a perfect date with my wife.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Corvette ZR1

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Ok, since I started this blog back up I have been trying to stay consistent and write from the heart and be soulful. To be honest I only think there are two people reading this and they are both girls, thanks Andrea and Nicole. Anyway I have always held out for the chance that there may be one dude out there who may be reading this so I try to even out my blogs to cover all bases.

With that said, today I decided to blog about American muscle, I know pretty redneck, or as you would say up north WT. This video actually shows things still do get made in America. Not only made, but still at a high level of excellence. Even if it only gets 9 miles to the gallon and it cost you $200.00 to fill the tank for a nice Sunday drive to buy ice cream. All joking aside this is a sweet ride which combines performance and function to the highest level.

Ok one more Corvette joke, come on I kid because I care...... I think Corvette's tag line should be, "The Corvette, helping men get threw their mid-life crisis for over 50 years." Okay I am done....All yeah can someone let me borrow $120K...lol

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Music binds us together in a very weird and winding way. It reveals our culture and our lifes. It defines us and tell a story about us that no one could understand, unless put into a song. I like when I here a song and I can close my eyes and escape.

I was listenning to XM today on the eighties channel and I was suprised to have so many songs rekindle so many old memories. You may, or may not know, I love music of almost any kind. Music can do so many things to you, sometimes only after hearing one note. Like the fist couple bars of "Start Me Up" by The Rolling Stones or the horns at the beginning of "Brass Monkey" by Beastie Boys. It's the feeling you get when you hear that song that reminds you of your first car or that first kiss.

There is something romantic about knowing no matter where you are, or what your doing, you can hear an old song and it can time warp you to a place you wish you could go back to. Here are a few songs that do that for me, I know they are pretty main stream but what can I say I am not a artsy fartsy kind of guy....

(Not in any order)

1. "Livin' on a prayer" by Bon Jovi
2. "Sympathy for the Devil" by The Rolling Stones
3. "Black" by Pearl Jam
4. "Eye Of The Tiger" by Survivor
5. "New York State of Mind" by Billy Joel
6. "Purple Rain" by Prince
7 "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond (Eightfeet Edition)
8. "Running Down a Dream" by Tom Petty
9. "The Joker" by Steve Miller
10. "Open Arms" by Journey

What are yours?????

Monday, June 9, 2008

You can do it Rocky.

Well it's official I am on an exercising program so I don't die before I am 40. Ok, now I am not training for a marathon or anything so I am just walking for now. So this morning I got up, and Nicole,Lucy, and I headed out on our way. Now I am way out of shape,as of right now I am at a 38 BMI, so this is pretty much a necessity for me.

As we got half on our walk I noticed something. Lucy was struggling to keep up with us only after about half way on our walk. At moments she was stopping and taking refuge in the shade under a tree. Was it true? Was Lucy just as out of shape as me? I felt so bad because I feel like it's my fault for letting her get this way. I found myself being my dogs personal trainer, encouraging her to keep going, not to stop. I felt like Mickey encouraging Rocky to just go that extra mile. So here I am walking and about every few steps Lucy looks at me like she was saying, "Are you serious? No one said I was going to sweat."

Aside from Lucy being a diva, I really enjoyed time with the family. You see June 8th has not historically been a fun day for me. It is the anniversary of my Dad's passing. Normally I sit around and just feel blah, and make sure I don't catch any Father's Day commercials on TV. This year I decided to enjoy my life I have, and make new memories that one day I plan on sharing with my Dad.