Friday, April 24, 2009

Jogging In Quicksand

Hi there, I know its been a while since I have updated the blog and well its been kind of a long week. Been struggling with some personal demons and well I think it has passed, for now. It seems sometimes you think you are moving just fine and then BAM! You are hit upside the head with thoughts and emotions that you are not prepared to deal with at that moment. I won't bore you with my issues but lets just say when making a life and career change creates some drama in my head. I have seemed to sort it out for the moment and I believe it is just a speedbump on my road to greatness...okay I would take meritocracy.

So how do you deal the pesky demons? What do you do? Do you turn a blind eye to them or do you just ignore them and move on with life. Most would say I suppose that they have their own way to deal with the demons of doubt. I know some of you don't have to deal with them because you are very confident. You are lucky. For me I question everything and sometimes the answers I get don't add up. Sometimes in life I feel like I am jogging in quicksand. Trying to move faster than I should and end up sputtering like a beetle on its back. Where you able to visualize that? I hope so.

So as I jog I look forward to an exciting but scary path to the next chapter of my life. What does it bring? I am not sure, but I can say if I stay committed I should be fine. I often look back to look forward. What I mean is that this week I thought what would my Dad say when I presented him with all these issues. I think he would say, " Ken, you know all you can do is do you best. If your best isn't good enough then try harder." Thanks Dad.

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