Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sending You My Happiness

Someone once told me that to be happy you start by making others happy first.  This is true in so many ways, in almost every aspect of your life, whether it be personal or your relationships at work.  It is a simple idea but normally those are the hardest to understand and apply to our lives.

The reason for the deep thoughts, Jack Handy, moment is because I believe this may be why I am so passionate about the LiveSTRONG cause.  Not because it makes me feel good, but because it generates a spinning wheel of hope and determination for those who can fight for themselves.

It would be easy for me to just pay the entry fee for the LiveSTRONG Challenge and then come home feeling all good about myself and brag to my friends about the soft cheeses and French babies.  If I did that then I would be missing the point of it all and really wasting my time.  Because this is not about the bike, its about generating awareness and being a voice for those who lay in their bed in a hospital staring out the window and feeling alone.  Feeling like they are condemned to a life of pain and death.

When I wear yellow its not about my obvious bro-mance with Lance Armstrong, its about starting that conversation and about mamograms and prostate exams.  Coversations about who may need support in their time of struggle with cancer.  When I think of how hard it has been on some of my friends it breaks my heart.  Next month when I clip into my bike and head out for 45 miles of prestine Philadelphia hillsides I will be thinking of how happiness may seem so far away for some.  I hope together we can bring that happiness to them before it is too late.

 To support the LiveSTRONG cause to fight cancer please click the below link:

My Livestrong Team

Thank you.

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