Friday, February 25, 2011

A Real Foodie

Sometimes I am overwelmed with all the TV choices available to you if your a foodie.  Yeah a foodie, I know that term gets thrown around a lot, and frankly it makes me a little queezy.  Queezy in the sense that with the advent of cable channels such as the Food Network and the Cooking Channel now everyone is a foodie or food expert.  Now I have said repeatably that I don't ever claim to be a food expert.  The only expertise I have when it comes to food is knowing when it sucks, unfortunely it sucks a lot.

Growing up in a house that worpished Hamburger Helper, and when I say worshiped I mean I was having tuna helper nightmares  almost every week.  So as a child it was never explained to me that food didn't come out of a box or that you could grow your own food and with some creativity you could create meals.  Also there was no sense of a foodie culture that I was able to see anyway.  There was no internet or food network, your kitchen was all about what was handed down through the years.  Thank goodness for me I had one of the coolest Grandmas in the world who knew how to cook, and cook well.  She showed me how to take raw ingredients and bust out some of the tastest food ever.  Come to find out later that the amount of butter she used would be considered criminal in most states.  I consider her the first foodie I knew, she didn't spend countless hours watching a food channel to learn food.  Everything she learned was in her own kitchen and made with her own two hands.  She knew what was good and baby it was super good all the time.

 I talk to people all the time who are keeping the old ways of cooking alive in their kitchen.  Sharing what they learned from their family and passing it down to their children.  This is important because real cooking comes from the heart.  It starts with a sizzle in a pan and the sound of a knife hitting a cutting board.  A smile across the table from someone who consider you their hero. 

Now that makes you a foodie.


Mary said...

It is funny how we all find different paths to our kitchens. I found your post thought provoking and was completely charmed by your model. It was my first visit here but after browsing your earlier work I can say definitely it will not be my last. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Ken said...

Thank you Mary for stopping by and reading a little.