Sunday, April 10, 2011

Exaggeration Aggravation

With food I think there is a lot of exaggeratoin going on, and most of it is unneeded. Not sure why people feel like they have to talk in extremes when it comes to food.  Maybe they feel they want to gain others attention when making their petty assumptions about food they know little about.  I have no problem with someone telling me something I made them is the best thing they have ever ate.  But unfortunaley that same person with tell that to the drive-thu lady at Burger King the next time they go for a double Whopper.

Most of the time when its good its ok and and when its ok its good.  But to say its the best ever is so final to me in my opinion.  Its like sex for example, when sex is good its awesome but when its bad you wished you had just went to sleep first.  I always hope the next bite is better than the last.  That no matter how much I love the food on my plate I am always hoping there is some splendoned awesomeness waiting for me that I have yet to discover.

Just a thought for you to chew on, don't settle for the fried Twinkie, hold out for the double dipped fried Snickers.  You know its being made, you just have to find it, and hope its everything you thought it would be.  Food is about discovery, savor great food, but don't harp on the fact that its the greatest ever because that is so narrow.  i don't ever want you to tell me my food is the best ever.  I want  you to tell me that its good.  This will tell me that its adequate and satisfying but that you challenge me to do better.

Fried Snickers....  I think saying you would eat a fried Snickers is the equivalent  as saying you are going to jump for a bridge with the intentions of certain death.  Now that is making me hungry.

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Peggy said...

I definitely understand your point here!