Friday, July 22, 2011

Just A Little Patience

Woke up today and I couldn't get the song Patience by Guns N Roses out of my head.  I know what a great way to wake up right?  Tell me about it.  Then as I couldn't shake the song virus I found myself at work and getting my mise en place ready for dinner service and I was whistling the tune.  For the record I love songs that have whistling in them, they just make me happy.  Then a few other of my fellow co-workers picked up on the tune and joined in somewhat.  Somewhere Axel Rose just fist pumped while in a heroin stupor.

Patience is very important in food, and from what i see anymore has been forgotten.  Everyone is reaching for boxes of processed garbage to sustain them.  Or speeding through the drive-thru for a .99 cent heart attack.  With the increased pace of life cookbooks have been replaced with iPads and Kindles.  Now I need to make sure I give full disclosure here, I am as guilty as the next guy of this when I am home.  At work its all about recipes but I have to admit that quick and easy at home normally wins out.  I am not proud of this by any stretch of the imagination.  Now i am only home two nights a week and normally my old decrepit body just wants to relax.  So quick works for me... as far as food I mean.

Now I have talked about the slow food movement on this blog before and it is a great idea but only if you are super organized or a person who is very proactive.  For which I am neither so how do I or we get life to slow down enough to start respecting real food and get away from the processed food armageddon?  I would have to say first you need to pick out things you love like fresh fruit for example. Find some interesting ways that you can incorporate fruit into your life.  Or maybe its picking a day when you set aside time to just slow everything down and really be conscience about eating "real" food.  This doesn't mean you upgrade from Golden Corral to Applebee's, no I mean pick a wholesome recipe and make it with honest respectful ingredients.  At least for that day you can have a great conversation  with a new vegetable you have never met before or shot the breeze with a new fruit.  You would be amazed what you can learn from some real food, they like to gossip.

So I hope first of all that you have the song, Patience, in your head all day like I did today.  I know this may sound mean but maybe it will help you remember to slow down the life that has a stranglehold on you and take a chance on some real respectful food.  And you never know, you might just find that taking some time for yourself is just what you need..

"Just a little patience ... yeeeeh yeeeah.."  (Swaying back and forth like you have to pee)

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Peggy said...

Definitely love this post. I think I've practically cut out 80% of processed foods from our meals. But sometimes, like you said, fast and easy wins out. Moderation is key, right? =)