Friday, August 31, 2007

Its a scam!

Hi everyone, today I come to you a little upset and confused. For those who know me at all know that is not very uncommon. With that said, let me take this opportunity to reaffirm your perception of my trite mind.

Yesterday I ran into a situation with not having anymore contacts and I attempted to buy some more. Easy enough right? If you wear contacts then you know its not that simple. Not only is it not simple, its is excruciating and doesn't make much sense. I first called 1-800-contacts to order some new contacts and found out that they had to verify with my eye doctor that I have seen him within the last year. Now I understand this to certain extent, they can't be responsible for issuing me contacts that are not suitable for me. Now to there defense I haven't been to the eye doctor for over a year and yes that is my fault and I am do to go back. My feeling is that having to go every year is a scam. I would say every two to three years would be sufficient enough, it seems to me that if that was the case that eye doctors wouldn't make as much money. Let me put this into perspective, I don't have to see foot doctor to buys shoes, or a brain surgeon to buy a hat. I tried to weasel my way to a set of contacts but to no success, so for the next two to three weeks I will be in glasses yeah back to the fatty four eyes days for me.

For those who wear contacts know your rights:

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