Monday, August 4, 2008

Something New

I thought I would break away from the norm this month and offer some variety to my blog. Today I wanted to introduce you to some new music. I love new music and I am sorry if this is not to every ones liking but give it shot. Don't worry its not country!

My first recommendation is Summer Watson Summer Watson is what I like to call reflective music. When I say reflective I mean, sitting on the beach with your eyes closed and letting the music heal you from the inside out. She lists her influences as: The Ocean, Sailing, traveling South America, Love, beach days, sunshine, last minute Mexico trips, Costa Rica, waves, red wine, stella artois, family, friends ,singalongs, vocal harmony, good music and so much more.

Another artist from the same southern California area is Chris Cook. Now this artist is also unsigned and in the same circle as Summer Watson. He is particularly special to Nicole and I because "CMLS" or "Counting My Lucky Stars" is what we danced to at our reception. I would say his music is what you want on when you are with some close friends around a fire on the beach.

Can you tell I already miss the Caribbean...ugh!

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Andrea said...

Good finds Ken! I like them both!