Monday, August 25, 2008

Thank God For DVR

I would normally not get political on here because there two things you don't talk about unless you want to piss people off and that is politics and religion. With that said, I hate this time of the year as far as TV because of all the political ads. Yeah, Yeah I am the last person on the planet that hasn't traded their TV for something more intellectual. I was raised in front of a TV and I love watching it in the evening. Although this time of year you have the pleasure of being bombarded with presidential ads. YUCK! Although I guess they are a necessity though because the majority of people will make their political choice just by watching the same 30 second ad over and over. I hope not but I am sure its true and very sad. What is really sad is that we are a nation of millions of millions people and only get to choose between two??? I am sorry , got on my soapbox... who owns soapboxes?

With all that said I am glad I have digital cable, and I can record my favorite shows and just fast forward threw all of those annoying political ads. Yeah! It does take away from my favorite drinking game though, "Every Ad Take A Drink" Probably good because I am sure my drinking game days have long passed me. Just remember don't be fooled or mislead by what someone on TV is telling you about the upcoming election. They are getting paid to tell you what they want you to hear. Go out and do the research and learn for yourself. Because placing a vote for a president is not a popularity contest its way more important than that.

I am Ken and I approve this message.

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Andrea said...

Love your soapbox today!