Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Lance Armstrong Drinking Game

Hello there, well I have to say we are two stages into the Tour de France and I am almost tired of hearing the name Lance Armstrong. I know, I know, how can that be? Well let me explain.

First of all Versus, the network carrying the TDF, is playing up the return of Lance so much it seems its all they want to talk about. Now I not saying they should dismiss the return of the seven time winner of the TDF. It just would be nice to not hear his name every 3 minutes.

Another reason is that I like my sport teams and figures to be low key. In a way that they go out and perform but they never really gain too much fame or celebrity. I find that I tend to like the shut your mouth and do your job athletes. Now Lance has no control on how is he covered so this is no fault of his but to the networks covering his return to cycling.

The final reason is that they are putting so much press on the fact that he could win another TDF. This is highly unlikely. Even Lance has said he is riding in support of Albeto Contador. There are a lot of great professionals in this Tour and it would be nice if they would highlight them instead of Lance. For some of these guys this is the biggest stage they have all year in their sport.

In closing I know it is only two stages in and maybe I am mouthing off too early, I tend to do that a lot. Although they are saying Lance Armstrong so much its almost time to make a drinking game out of it.

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Matt B. said...

Very creative! Yeah, I think it's cool that Lance has returned (in the role of a support rider) but think Versus can cover other athletes as well.