Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why Cycling?

Now this is a question that came to me as I watched the Tour de France today. Why do I think this could be something that I could enjoy as I get older? Because lets face it I am not what you consider having a cycling frame. I am fat. Oh sorry I am big boned.

I think to really analysis these questions there are a few things you need to understand about me. First of all ever since I can remember I have been a husky guy. I love that word husky. Reminds me of school shopping as a kid and having to buy the husky size in my Catholic school required dress clothes. Next item of note would be I have never really participated in sports that require you to be a super fit to just to participate. Baseball and Football you can have a gut and still be a champ.

Now I am a huge support or of Livestrong and a fan of Lance Armstrong but why do I need to ride a bike? I can enjoy Lance and other cycling superstars without owning a bike and subject myself to embarrassing escapades on local country roads. I am sure I am a prime example to passer bys on why they would never take up cycling. My hope is they see me and think, "if that husky guy can do it, I can too." Then continue on the road considering themselves lucky that wasn't them almost in cardiac arrest and doing it willingly.

One possible answer to the above question is that I believe that just by having a bike and riding it occasionally that I will get fit. You know the whole " if I sleep with my history book then I will ace the test tomorrow" kind of mentality. Now we both know this doesn't work. To be successful in cycling it requires a lot of individual dedication and it is super hard work. Also it requires, and this is were I fail horribly, that I have to eat much much better. Unless you ride everyday and burn mass calories you can't enjoy Dairy Queen daily. Or shove pizza down your pie hole. Pie hole reminds me of Chris Farley. Another guy, like me, who really wasn't born with the ideal cycling frame.

In closing, let me say that by no way am giving up cycling. I love this hobby, even if it is not the best choice for my chubbiness. And you never know, someday I might just shed a few pounds and make it out of Huskyville.

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