Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cooking 1...Day 1 My Thoughts

So the alarm went off this morning 5:30am and I willingly got up before the first snooze. Which is always the best and worst part of my morning? Oh, snooze thank you for my additional 5 minutes. Damn you snooze for ringing again and again. So why so cheery at such an early hour? Well today was the first real "cooking" class I have at the Midwest Culinary Institute. My first chance to prove I am the next Top Chef. I know I am laughing too...its ok ..its a joke. I am fully aware I am no where near were I need be and even if I thought I was I would still need years of experience. Besides this face is not made for TV.

So I arrived to the class 45 minutes early and to my surprise I was the third one there already. Looks like I wasn't the only one excited and extremely nervous. Speaking of nervous, I do something very annoying when I am nervous, talk a lot. For those who have known me for a long time you already know this about me. Although, Chef Ropp, the instructor didn't, and my first couple questions before class made me look like an idiot. Not sure what I was thinking but for a while I had a nice healthy case of vomiting of the mouth. Once I realized it I stopped immediately and sat as quiet as I could. Once everyone arrived, I noticed, for once, that I was not the oldest student in class...thank goodness.

By this time class has began and yes I am trying not to let my nerves show to everyone. The Chef Ropp began to go over some basic rules for the class. I could tell by the way he conducted the class that he was someone who was not going to tolerate an ounce of BS from anyone. In addition to that he seemed very organized again thank goodness. Believe it or not its hard sometimes to have an instructor who is organized. They drive me crazy.

I do not want to bore you with all the details of this six-hour class, which has no significance to you. For me, it was just another step on a journey to where...... I am not sure yet.. All I know is that it was a huge step to walk into that class and say to myself ......Yes, I commit to this and I have to succeed and ride this wave and not be afraid to get knockdown once and a while.

Good news though I did leave with all my digits intact!

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