Monday, November 30, 2009

Mise en place

Hello again from the world of the wanna be chef.

Yeah, it took a week but I have a firm grip on where I stand in the culinary pecking order. And that would be at the very bottom. After two weeks in my Cooking 1 class my head is dizzy with what I need to remember and learn. For instance, today we went to a class instructed by Chef John Kinsella, pretty much the patriarch of our culinary school, to check out some of the ovens and other cooking equipment covered in the chapter we were studying. It was an advanced cooking class and you could tell because they were cranking out food I could only dream of making one day. At first it scared me because the whole confidence complex I have with myself. But then I realized these guys and gals all started just like I did. This is a process built on a very solid foundation. This school is not the place if you want to be the next food network guru with your own catch phrases. They don't teach catch phrases here, nor will they teach you how to wear the Mr. T starter kit or how to wear your sunglasses backwards. No this place is for folks who understand that you have to respect the classic way of doing things because that is the backbone to all things culinary.

So until next time remember……”eat or be eaten”

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