Monday, January 18, 2010

Finding Meaning In Food

So I am almost done with the second term at the Midwest Culinary Institute and I find myself at a crossroads. I feel like I am at a point where I am coming to terms with how far I have already traveled and how far I have to go still in the world of food. On one hand, .I feel like I have taken so many leaps forward but still understand that is still so small compared to where I need to be thus far. I still do not have a firm grasp on why I am on this road of discovering this world of food and all things Culinary. One thing I do know is that this face will never been on the Food Network, and honestly, I am not really too disappointed in that, it was not ever one of my goals anyway. I know it is so cool to bash the Food Network as a culinary student but it serves a purpose and people love it so I will leave it at that. So with the bright lights of TV ruled out where does that leave me?

A Chef I suppose.... but at what point do you assume the title "Chef ?" To me, no matter how hard I work and learn I do not think I would ever consider myself a Chef. I would prefer to use my new favorite word, bon vivant. Check the link, to enjoy the finer things of life. I think being a cook would give me a chance to do that or I would hope so right. I mean if not then why bother. I am not going to culinary school to be some wanna be celebrity chef that gets to do cooking segments on morning TV. Nah, I would prefer to be the quiet face behind the plate of food you just had. The plate of food that was just perfect to your eye and like sex when you put it in your mouth. Not knowing how many times I burnt myself making it just so you can enjoy it enough to forget it about an hour later.

I know this is a somewhat dark look at a future and that it may be brighter on the other side of the fence. Right now all I am doing is staring up at that fence wondering how big of ladder I will need. Sometimes life for me seems to be very confusing, but somehow I make it through, and normally for the better. Do not worry I am not going all sweet and sappy on you. It is not my style really, but I will say that food makes expressing myself a lot easier. Nothing like making something divine and letting it do the talking for you. I think some of my best conversations I have had was when we were both chowing down on something super delicious. I would take that over small talk about politics or weather any day.

Now there is no moral to this story, again that would be sappy and I prefer to sit quietly listening to some Led Zeppelin, "Going to California" in the background and ponder the future and dream my day away.

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