Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Hump My Hump My Fatty Man Humps

So I am sorry I haven't posted much lately.  Ever since I started school I have not really wanted to write, I am serious I am writing a lot of papers.  School is going well and I am very happy to say I am in my forth term at The Midwest Culinary Institute.  I know I am surprised also.  Didn't know I would be able to survive in the college environment.  Although at my age I still act like I am 20 something so I tend to fit in just fine.

Enough about my boring life,  what about the food you ask huh?  Well what about the food?  I still love it and unfortunately it still loves to take refuge on my gut. Yeah I am not doing so well of getting rid of the artist formally known as the Lunchbox.  The saga continues and it seems it may be reaching critical mass because it put up or shut time with me and my Trek bike.  Soon I will embark once again in training for the Livestrong Challenge in Philadelphia in August.  Yeah after punishing myself last year I am back at it and it looks like I will need to start learning how to eat healthier.  Yuck I know I hate that word, healthier, its such a cop-out.  It is what people say while they are eating ice cream and watching biggest loser on the couch.  Yeah that was me last night.  Seriously it was.  I don't need to eat healthier, I need to discover what my body needs to properly function, and then figure out how I can incorporate ice cream into that plan.

So over the next few months I will be sprinkling in some training updates and also talk about how you can help me fight Cancer.  So don't worry I plan on talking food and why I love it, I will just be trying not to pound down a bag of chips while doing it this time.

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