Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fire Up The Coals

So its about 1:30am let's talk grilling. With summer here I figured it was time to start talking grilling and tips for grilling.  I want to say this loud and clear, grilling is not just a man thing.  Girls get out there and grill, its not hard guys just try to make it seem hard so you think we are doing something special, we are not.

First and foremost, do you have a grill?  In order to grill food you need a grill.  Prices and models vary you can get a nice one for a few hundred or you can go totally old school and purchase a charcoal Weber and spend less then eighty dollars.

Next decide what you like to eat?  Fish, Cow, Pig?  Then find grill specific recipes for those items.  Yes there are specific grill techniques that will apply to grilling versus cooking in an oven or stove top.  I will get into a few of them in a later post, today I just wanted to give you a 30,000 foot overall view.

After you have a grill and know what you want to eat the next step is the most important so listen.  BE SAFE!!  I am serious it is easy to be careless when grilling, and not give it the respect it deserves.  Be mindful on the attention the grill needs, which means keep the cooler of beer close at hand.  Finally, understand that when you grill to involve the family and use it as a tool to entertain and enjoy the summer.

Stay cool.... Be safe.....Have fun.

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