Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fourth Term Done, So What Have I Learned?

I can't believe it but I have completed my four term at The Midwest Culinary Institute.  I can remember it was just a year ago when I made the decision to attend culinary school and become a wanna be Chef.  So nervous and wondering if I will even make it through the first term more less one year.  It was not what I expected, and exactly what I expected to be honest.  I can still remember my first class when the instructor asked what every ones culinary aspirations.  Almost half of the people said they wanted to be a celebrity chef of some sort on the Food Network.  To be honest I don't think most of them even made it through Cooking 1.  Myself I believe I said,  "That I hoped one day long time from now I hope I can feel confident in  calling myself a Chef."   That is still a long way away, don't let the chef hat fool you, because I think it will be years before I will ever feel ok with calling myself a Chef.

So what have I learned in one year?  Well I  have learned how to make homemade mayo, how to make a perfect Bearnaise sauce, and how to roast a chicken.  I have also learned how to accept the fact that you will cut yourself and it will hurt and you will burn yourself and that will also hurt.  This is a reality when you surround yourself by fire and knives. But it was fire and knives that attracted me to cooking as a kid, it made me feel grown up and it made me feel powerful.  I would have to say I still feel that power when I hone my knifes or flambe so high I don't have eyebrows for a week.  

It has certainly been a journey so far but I am making sure to enjoy the ride.

Now go cook something.


Courtney said...

Congrats Ken! I'm on to Cooking 3 after my final tonight. Looking forward to it.

Ken said...

Good luck... I am off to Cooking 4 this summer.

Lydia said...

I have a daughter looking at MCI and Sullivan University. Do you guys start cooking from day 1? Sullivan throws them right in to keep their interest.

Ken said...

You start with Cooking 1 where you learn basic kitchen etiquette. You then you learn how to use your knives and basic techniques. But yes you will be cooking in the first couple classes. I highly recommend MCI because it has some the best talented chefs you will find.

Lydia said...

Thanks. Plan on visiting MCI soon to see what she thinks. Sullivan visit today, but I'm hoping she likes MCI. Thanks for the info.