Friday, August 6, 2010

If There Is Anything I Can Do.....

What motivates you?  Does there always have to be WITFM or (Whats In This For Me) aspect in order for you to do something you were not really planning on doing?  Like at work, what if you are asked to do something that may take you an extra few minutes a day to cover for someone else out.  Would you expect to be compensated for that extra few minutes? Just take some time to really ask yourself those questions.

Reason being is because I find people are trained to expect something in return for anything that they do no matter how small it may be.  For instance, the gold of all giveaways, the t-shirt.  I am convinced that you could almost get anyone to do anything for a free t-shirt that proves they spent an hour doing some kind of sporting event.  So they can wear into Kroger's on a Sunday morning and show everyone, "Look I did something active and the t-shirt I am wearing with 30 sponsors on the back proves it.  Between t-shirts and york peppermint patties they have trained people to always expect something for really nothing.

This leads me to a word that is controlling everyone today, selfishness.  I know people who when asked to do something will not do it unless it benefits them in some way.  They would rather not participate if it doesn't give them something free or improve their place in life.  As I get older I find this to be very sad and unfortunate.  Selfishness is what controls the actions of a lot of people in ways they would never admit to you face to face.

Now I know the whole world is not selfish, and a lot of people everyday do a lot of great things for others without any thought of compensation.  Lately, I have found I know less and less of those kinds of people.  I find that everyone is jocking for position to make sure they come out on top or get whats coming to them.  When you ask them they have no time, but if they need something they expect everything you have yesterday.  Funny thing is when you need something no one is there but when you die everyone shows up and all they want to say is, "If there is anything I can do let me know."

Kind of ironic.

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