Friday, October 22, 2010

Food Snob

Do you have any Grey Poupon?

Today it's about what kind of snob you think you are when it comes to food.  Do you tell your friends you eat whole wheat gultien free everything?  Do you talk like your a Whole Foods know it all?  And at the same time find yourself in the drive-thru at Taco Bell?  I have been called a food snob because i won't eat Arby's or Taco Bell that is a scarlet letter I am willing to live with without any guilt.  I guess in this world of "I am better than you because i know what Quinoa is" it can be just another thing we want a trophy for because we get it and you don't.  Well I call myself a foodie and I am not intrested in the foodie snob secret handshake.

I live by one rule, if I like it then I like it.  No matter if it is organic, free ranged, or if came from Whole Foods.  No knock on Whole Foods but if you do all your shopping there then you must just like to waste your money on labels that make you feel like you are saving the world.  Just go buy your Prius and make sure everything you eat and drink has the world "Smart" in it.  Then you will at least think your smart when in reality your just another fool being fooled by clever labels and names.

Its ok, there is a way to break free from this problem.

Solution, think for yourself for a minute, and be your own person. Don't just buy something from Ikea just so you can tell everybody you know that you bought it at Ikea.  Same thing with food, don't pretend your a food snob and then still slum at the Taco Bell.   Just be true to the food and yourself, let the food discover you and don't let it turn you into a snob.  Just because you eat fancy doesn't mean you have to act like you are any better than me.  Also don't think just because you wear designer shades makes you better than me either.


Heather said...

Someone I know called it Whole Paycheck instead of Whole Foods.


I am not a food snob by any means and while I eat at local places a majority of the time - I'm not too snobby to admit - I like Red Robin or Chick-fil-A or whatever. Sometimes - that shiz is good.

Gayle Martin said...

Interesting post. I agree, eat what you want. If you can afford organic then by all means go for it, but if you buy your groceries at Wal Mart I'll probably think more highly of you because I'll know you're practical and frugal with your hard-earned money.

Yesim said...

nice post.. i like what i eat even it s too fatty , i just enjoy to eat .. but i thinnk i ve to take care of it anymore :)

rhonda said...

Let me throw in the wine snobs too. Eating and drinking what pleases you is more important than where it came from or what brand it is. I've had a $7 bottle of wine that tasted better than a $75 bottle. I'm no snob regardless if I eat fois gras and truffles once in awhile, I also eat at subway and pita what?

Ken said...

Its nice to see some solidarity as far as the notice of food snobbery goes. Thanks for the comments!