Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Its the time of year when the days get shorter and cold crisp air reminds us of snowy days to come.  So with Halloween over with we can finally concentrate and a much more loved Holiday.  Well maybe not a Holiday per say but a beautiful time of the year.  Unlike other holidays this does come twice a year and when it arrives I can't wait to get in line for it. 

The McRib is back!

Yes the McRib or in Kentucky they call it s the (Mc-Whiib)  However you like to pronounce it is fine with me because it all about the tasty goodness of what can only be the best mystery meat sandwich you can buy.  Yest mystery meat, to think its an actual rid is crazy, although I do like the feeble attempt to put grill mark lines on the McRib to make it more authentic. If you know me, then you know that instead of being afraid of mystery meat I tend to embrace it with open arms.  If you are new to the blog then understand that I don't count calories and if I do my 1st grade math skills to not help me.  Bluntly put if its greasy and bad for me I normally crave it and it ends up in my belly.

So today no new profound Thanksgiving recipe just the a friendly reminder that all that is good in America is not always good for you, but damn delicious.

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