Saturday, January 24, 2009

Different Direction

Hi everyone, as in cycling sometimes you have take a break and relax. So today instead of posting another boring video I thought we would go in a different direction. Don't worry if you still long for grown men in tight pants riding bikes I will be posting the next stages of the Tour Down Under on Sunday.

So a different direction is where I said we were headed. Well where would you like to go? A simple question huh. Maybe to the beach or maybe the mountains, depends on what you would like to experience. For me I like finding those places that allow you to step outside yourself and explore something new. One of those places to me is sitting on a top of the Smokey Mountains. I know Gatlinburg has kind of turned into a hillbilly haven, with go karts and all you can eat buffets around every corner. Not how I really like to spend my time. Although I have been known to grab some breakfast at the Apple Barn. If you have been to Gatlinburg and not stopped there, shame on you. Check it out it's pretty tasty. Apple fritters aside, I prefer the mountains and trails they offer. To me listening to the silence is priceless. Knowing you can turn the Blackberry off and make your own way is what I like to call freedom. Something that is hard to come by in life. So depending on what direction you decide to head make sure it allows you the freedom to enjoy you.

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Becka said...

OMG Apple Barn is my favorite place to eat in Gatlinburg. So good. When we went last we ate their like once a day.