Monday, January 19, 2009

Whispers Of Reason

Hi, as my life attempts to find some normalcy I find myself having a lot on my mind but nothing to say. I have emotions, but can't but words together to express them. Hard to understand I know, but don't we all struggle sometimes to rise above fog that blankets our mind. I find myself listening for that voice, as I lay still at night.

Today would've been my Dad's 64th birthday, and I wonder how we would've celebrated? I think we may have had dinner and made the same jokes to each other like normal. Although it could've been that moment he would've said, "Good job son." His death came like the thief in the night and stole that moment away. Sometimes I can hear his voice encouraging me and helping find reason in an unreasonable world. So today I celebrate you Dad. Thanks Dad for being the whisper in my ear that helps me make sense of it all.

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Andrea said...

I know just how you feel Ken. Whenever I have difficult moments in life, I try to think about what my Mom would have said to encourage me, give me that push that I needed. Or I think about the laughs we would have shared about so many things. They are always there if we let them be.