Thursday, December 3, 2009

Red Beans And Rice Didn't Miss Him

Cold weather upsets me.... it encourages me to eat more and exercise less.  Which is good short-term but not for my waistline.  With this said I must confess that since last August when I participated in the Livestrong Challenge in Philadelphia I have completely let myself become an even bigger fat ass.  This is nothing new to me, I have been in this place before and lost the weight and been happy.  The problem is that I never seem to remember what I did in the past to drop the weight.  Then I normally just sit down with some nuetella and pretzels and try to remember.  Again not very may say this is counterproductive.  So where does this leave me?

I have to jump start my booty and get in gear.

 Which means a number of things:

1.  Go to the gym -  No matter how cold or how nasty I currently look like in gym shorts.

2.  Eat Better -  And no this doesn't just mean no more super sizing at McDonald's.

3.  Be Positive - Ummm I will get back to you on that one.

4.  Learn Yoga - Yeah that's right, yoga.... I feel sorry for the person behind me in class when I am in downward dog.

5.  Eat more things that are green - yeah okay and organic , geesh you hippies are killing me.

6.  Set Goals - First goal, be able to brush teeth without my belly jiggling.

7.  Just do it - Just not like Tiger Woods.

So there you go my full proof plan.... yeah I know go ahead make your own over/under bets.  I would put 20 on two weeks.

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Andrea said...

You can do it Ken! Don't let the winter weight creep up on you!