Monday, December 7, 2009

Knowing My Don't Knows

So another week in Cooking 1 and I must say the nervousness is somewhat subsiding and I am finally learning my way around. Today I was the designated Sous Chef, which is not as glamorous as one may think, mind you. Actually you have to make sure all cleaning is done at the end of the class. You guessed it, if it is not done, you must finish the task. Now don't get me wrong, I am not complaining at all, as matter of fact I like the additional responsibility. This class is about stepping up to the plate and making sure you do your best. And all yeah, not screwing up, which I fully expect to happen to me, but as for now I am good.

This week we actually got to produce some salads and make some dressings. Somewhat real food....hooray! The first task of the day was to make mayonnaise. Sounds pretty simple right? I mean how hard it could be to make some mayo. Well the first attempt of getting my mayo to emulsify was not too successful. Not sure why, but it just wasn't, and I had to start over. Humbling for sure but I wasn't the only one luckily. This brought to mind a quote that my Dad used to say to me,
"You don't know what you don't know until you try."
This is very important, I think, to my success in this class and going forward. I shouldn't assume that I know what I don't know until I try. Just because it sounds easy like mayonnaise I should first humble myself then proceed to follow each step as if I have never seen or heard of them at all. I guess when you finally understand what you don't know you can start learning correctly.

I hope that didn't bore you too much. Although I must say I am learning more about myself right now than I am cooking. No offense Chef Ropp, you are a true Iron Chef, and I am sure you will teach me a ton about the Culinary Arts. But right now it’s more about me discovering and learning about me.

So until next time....
"May foods make you full, but may love fill you up."


mary Seguin said...

Hey thanks for the blog. Just signed up today for cooking 1. Nice insight.

ken said...

Hi Mary, you will love it! Thanks for stopping by.