Monday, December 21, 2009

Not Quite Hum But A Little Bugged

So today we head into the last week before yet again another Christmas. Another year of waiting until the last minute to go shopping, and buying meaningless gifts for people you may or may not care about or even want to buy for really. I am not sure what a candle from Yankee candle really says? "The last time I was at your house it was stinky?" Despite that I will still buy gifts for everyone so they can just regard it as stuff, and pile it with their other stuff, and set it on its way to being on a table at their next yard sale. I usually exercise the common courtesy of requesting for the receipt of my gift before I open it up. Is that wrong? What if someone really did put in the time and research what I wanted? Unless I end up with four more hours in the day for sleep, then they didn't do efficient research.

So do I hate Christmas? No

I find that mostly I am not upset with Christmas or dislike it as a holiday; on the contrary I actually love the movies and the music. What disturbs me is the person who is always bragging about how many gifts they have to buy. This is the same person who feels the need to rattle off each item they have bought and who the gift is for. Please repeat this next line out loud and make sure you listen with your ears. "I don't care!" I know that may be difficult for some but believe me if you say it enough it will come to you. Now some will say that they buy the gifts so they can express their love for another person in their life. Well that may be true but I would prefer you just tell me you love me rather than say it with a twenty dollar gift card to Best Buy.

So where does this lead me? Most people upon reading this would say that I am anti-Christmas. I guess to a certain extent I am. I just see things differently. I see Christmas as a time to reflect on years past and relive memories with the ones you love the most. A time to reconcile past differences and come together even if for one day and stand shoulder to shoulder in spirit of Christmas. I guarantee you are not going to find that in an electronics store or at a toy store. You will find it in your heart. Listen to it, and maybe you can discover that love and togetherness is gift that is free but it’s the richest gift you can give.

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