Sunday, March 20, 2011

All Thumbs

So I have finally spent enough time in a working kitchen to be given a nickname.  Well it is not a cool nickname, its Joey thumbs, or Thumbs for short.  Now I will telll you it is not for any cool reason.  The reason for this nickname is because I keep cutting the shit out of my thumbs.  Two weeks ago I was cutting endive and I sliced my left thumb pretty bad, bad enough to make a stop at the ER for 5 stitches.  I think it would've felt better to slice my thumb completely off because the stitches hurt.

So tonight just as the left thumb was beginning to show signs of healing I sliced my right thumb showing my friend Bill one of my knives I had.  Epic fail right.  So as blood was streaming down my right thumb I was taking crap from my fellow cooks and rightfully so and they decided on the nickname "Thumbs."  You know in the alphabet of nicknames you can be given in a kitchen I would say thumbs is ok.

What I have learned is that knives are sharp.  I know, who knew right?  It seems they cut into flesh very easily.  I have had a ongoing issue with cutting myself up.  In my first two cooking labs for school I cut myself pretty bad and well that wasn't anything compared to the self mutilation I have committed lately. I suppose I should slow down and a bit and pay attention when a sharp object is anywhere near me.  You would think I would already know this, but just like most things in my life I have to learn the hard way.

The hard way may not be the easiest path but you tend to learn most from taking it.

Last night we lost two valuable cooks from the kitchen.  Bill and Stephanie will be missed.  Without you two there will be a certain void that will not soon be replaced.



Peggy said...

Thumbs isn't too bad!

Hope they're healing nicely though =)

Ken said...

I am doing much better thanks. No one called me thumbs tonight so maybe it didn't stick. Either way I am fine.