Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Love To %$#!ing Curse

I noticed today at work that I curse like a sailor.   And not just a normal sailor, more like one who perpetually is stubbing his toe on stuff on the ship.  Not sure when I ramped up my cursing at work, but I certainly have, and I am not sure if it is good.  I know people don't like it but I would normally not worry about that as much but I do have to work with these folks so this may be a problem.  Now to my defense while working in a kitchen there is a certain level of acceptable cursing involved and almost expected.  Like when you are doing salads and use the wrong salad dressing on a salad and have to re-due it... Shit!

When I was a teenager I remember my folks cursing at me and each other effortlessly and with such great elegance.  I can remember just sitting in awe when my Dad would curse the TV while watching the Bengals game.  I am sure if he  was still around today he would be doing the same thing, and I am sure he would be telling Mike Brown where he could go and what to do when he got there.  But I can't solely lay blame on my folks for my potty mouth.  No, I can remember in high school is when I became friends with John, John made cursing not only a sport but a ballet of words that would even make my parents want to call him son.  John was able to just roll off multiple curse words off in  a way that I still envy when I have one of my kitchen cursing triads.   Haven't talked to him in a while but I am sure he is still cursing and making his momma proud.

So where does this leave me?  Should I try to cut back on the cursing or should I start writing the new Rosetta Stone program for other folks who want to take up cursing as a second language?  Well either way I am sure it is not good overall, because i am sure there are fellow co-workers who don't like it, and well I would have to agree.  Also  if I curse all time then I am taking away from all of the times I really do need to curse and make a point.  So I think I will be confident in my cursing abilities and only curse when it is called for and when I deem it necessary.


Shannon Marie said...

Cussing can be trashy or artistic. I chose to think of myself as an artist, stringing together various four-letter words to paint an image. Hell yeah.

Peggy said...

As long as the cursing is used in good context, I think it's quite acceptable. Sometimes you have to just to get a point across. =)