Sunday, November 2, 2008


Ummmm ....toes! Now that is cute. This is Lauren, the beautiful little girl of our friends Carrie and Casey. I can't believe how big she is getting lately. Just seems like yesterday I was holding her in the hospital just hours after she was born. It has been great for Nicole and I to share the ups and downs of parenting from Carrie and Casey. It is something that excites me and freaks me out at the same time.

I bring this up today for a reason. Last Friday Nicole and I went over to Carrie and Casey's for Halloween. When I first got there I was told by Carrie that Casey needed me to talk to him about something. To be honest it kind of caught me off guard. Since when do guys talk about anything? It also seemed kind of weird having his wife tell me he wanted to talk to me. Nevertheless I went down the hall to Lauren's room where Casey was holding Lauren getting ready to lay her down to sleep. I noticed that Casey was kind of serious and nervous at the same time. He began by saying he wanted to ask me something and that it may be kind out of the blue. Now I was freaking out inside, and before I could make a nervous joke, like I normally do, he asked me to be Lauren's Godfather. It was certainly a lump in your throat moment. I was so surprised and excited. All I can say is that its a huge responsibility that I look forward for many years to come.

Its an honor to be a part of your life Lauren.

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Andrea said...

Ken what an great honor for you! And what a cutie she is! You will be an awesome Godfather.