Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Night To Remember

So Friday night Nicole and I went over to visit with an old family friend of mine. Actually I would consider Kevin and his wife Brenda my Dad's best friends. I just love going over to visit them and laugh at old stories about my Dad. Sometimes when we sit around and talk its like he is in the room.

There is a feeling that everyone misses him a lot and it seems to be some type of group therapy session when we can laugh about old memories. Memories that we hope we never forget. For instance, tonight Kevin talked about how my Dad could hold his liquor. How funny is that, I mean that is not something you really talk about with a parent. I guess like Father like son lol.

After a while we threw in the wedding DVD from Jamaica and we all sat around and watched. As we watched it, we laughed and made jokes about all the crazy things the photographer and videographer were having us do. Once the video was done Kevin looked at me and said he was proud of me. As cheesy as it sounds, it kind of felt like that was my Dad telling me that in some weird way.

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Andrea said...

Ken that is so great that you have someone to bring up these great memories of your Dad with. He is always with you in spirit! I know how hard it is sometimes...