Monday, February 23, 2009

Searching For Hope

Wow, now that was a long Monday. Is it just me, but do the days seems to drag on with more and more uncertainty? For me they have lately. I am not ashamed to say that I have found myself reflecting on those long and day dreamy questions. Like, what is my purpose? Surely it's not working at a place that sells two thousand dollar toilets. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to me, although most things don't anymore. I guess lately its hard to realize hope. I know its out there, but to believe that is exist is difficult for me. I find myself trying to escape the constant negativity on TV and at work. This is definitely not easy considering it seems everything is going to hell in a nicely decorated hand basket.

So why so serious? I guess all my life I have been able to find humor in almost everything and most situations. This is what keeps me sane and have allowed me realize hope. Because if I could laugh or find humor I knew it wasn't that bad and I could move onward. Now don't get me wrong I still laugh and laugh a lot. The difference is when the laughter is done I seem to dwell on things where I didn't in the past. Okay don't worry I am not taking a dive off a bridge or anything. Its just when you see and hear the doom and gloom it sticks with you and its hard to escape.

Now where does that leave us? I think to realize hope you have to first believe that it does exist. Not everything is in that hand basket. Some things are doing well and carrying on just fine. So I think you have two ways to look at things. You can carry on about the doom and gloom and be negative or you can try to remain positive. So I think I am going to try the positivity approach. I will let you know how that works out.

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Andrea said...

Thoughtful post Ken! You are right, these do feel like gloomy times indeed. But there are always positive things to think of too. I believe that since we are "older" we see a bigger picture of life, understand the implications of worldly problems big and small. But I have to remain hopeful and optimistic, especially since I am raising two of our future citizens who I wish nothing but the best for!