Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Should've Been A Basket Weaver

So as you may or may not know I am happily unemployed right now. Okay, maybe not happily, but attitude is everything right? With that said I have decided, with the support of my beautiful wife, I am going back to school. But the question is for what? Well its not for basket weaving, it seems you have to high ACT scores for that career path. If I would've just studied harder in high school, damn.

So with my basket weaving out of the picture I have decided to pursue one of my life long dreams of the culinary arts. Yeap, I am going to become a chef with the puffy white hat and stuff. Actually I am interested in being a personal chef, hopefully for a very successful professional cyclist...LOL I know its not going to be easy with long hours and hard work. I look forward to it, and so excited to learn how to cook for real.

I was told once to never trust a skinny chef. Well you will always be able to trust me.

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Andrea said...

Congratulations Ken! You will do awesome!