Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Please Help

Well I am sure by now you have heard me talk about my upcoming Livestrong Challenge bike ride in Philadelphia this month. I am very excited about riding but I have to be honest there is one part I am dreading. Asking for donations to support my ride. Each rider needs to raise $250.oo dollars to ride. So I have waited to ask anyone because times are very tight. I know how much it stinks to add another item to your check book that you didn't budget for the month. Now realize any money donated doesn't go to buy Lance Armstrong new houses or Ferrari's. It goes to fight cancer, a disease that claims the lives of eleven thousand people a day. I am sure if you sit and think about it I am sure you have known or know someone affected by cancer. Now I don't want to guilt you into anything here, it is not my purpose. What I will ask is if you know or known someone who has been effected by cancer that you give what you can in their name.

Click here to donate.

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