Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thanks Tracey

This is an email Nicole recieved from an old high school friend responding to a Fundraising email Nicole sent out. It puts things in perspective once again. Thanks Tracey for sharing your story.


It is good to here from you. I have received several of your e-mails and wondered how you are doing. I rode in a bike ride back in 2006 out in Lake Tahoe Nevada. It was for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation. It was a wonderful experience and the lake and mountains were beautiful. How do I make a donation? Can I send it to you through the mail? Could you give me your address? We have a very special friend from churhc who is battling lung cancer and it is stage 4. Four months ago they gave him eight months to live. He will have his last chemo treatment next week. He is 66 years old and someone I look up to so much. His faith is amazing. He has not given up yet. I wish Ken luck and hope he has a wonderful experience.

God Bless,

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