Thursday, February 18, 2010

The On-Going Saga Of The Lunchbox

I am the Lunchbox..coo coo ca choo....

According to the calendar it is winter and well let’s say it is living up to expectations, and actually exceeding those expectations. Any how I have been spending time indoors, which means I have been cooking and eating and eating and eating. This however is not good because unfortunately I am not eating well. If you know me this is an issue. Now I will spare the self pity. I don't eat healthy it’s pretty simple.

So I find myself a little wider than normal by this time of year. Now don't worry I am not at biggest loser size but if I ate what I really wanted I would be for sure. My biggest issue is that I don't move my booty enough. Now I do dance like mad man or at least when I am watching DVR'ed episodes of Ellen. But one minute a day is not even burning off the creamer I had in my coffee this morning.

So why no exercise? First of all you should know I am pretty lazy by nature. Yeah I am that guy who sits on his arse and then complains about being a wide human. I have always worn this label well. Now I do, as the weather gets warmer, get on my bike and move the muscles and lose weight and go into my wanna be Lance mode. Just wait for it; this will rear its ugly head around the middle of April. Be prepared to set your watch to it and enjoy a laugh and point a huge L in my face.

So how do I change this pattern? I am not sure and I don't have some boring list of BS I intend to do differently because at this point I realize I will not follow it, and I will still remain a wide human.

My hope is that the numerous folks who frequent this blog will be able to offer up some suggestions. So watcha got?

Meanwhile I will be wearing my badge of the Lunchbox.... and the saga continues.

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Casey_Williams said...

Get the wife on board. Find some type of exercise that you like to do together.