Sunday, February 21, 2010


So as my culinary journey continues it has brought me to my first job in a real kitchen. I am working along side Executive Chef Chris Ropp at the Kenwood Country Club. Chef Ropp was my Cooking 1 chef instructor at the Midwest Culinary Institute.

With this being my first job in a kitchen, there is not much room for screw-ups by the new guy. Last weekend was my first weekend, and the pace was crazy quick. Not only quick but long for a fat guy like me. Although I must say that when the adrenaline gets pumping there is, nothing more fun and I love it for sure. The flames, the yelling, and satisfaction of a job well done. Did I mention the yelling, I love it.

Not sure if anyone from work reads this, but if you are let me say thank you for your patience and understanding. Also thank you for keeping the hazing to a minimum.

Get out and eat the world

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