Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Authentic Really Tastes Like

As you can see from the new look of my blog that I am a big fan of the Findlay Market. I believe it to be one of most overlooked gems of downtown Cincinnati. A great place to fine thefreshest fruits and vegetables available anywhere locally, it has became one of my favorites places around. I joke with my friends and tell them I consider it my Graceland.

So let me tell you what I love to do upon arriving to the Findlay Market. Before I start filling my bags with fresh meat and vegetables for that evening’s dinner, I have to stop by one of my favorite places on earth. It is called Taste of Belgium so I can get my waffle fix. Yes waffles, that’s right but don't be fooled these are very different than your, just add water variety of waffles. No, No, this is an authentic Liège waffle. The city Liège, Belgium is known throughout Europe for its waffles. The owner Jean-François Flechet should know because he grew up near Liège and was handed down this tradition of making some of the tasty waffles I have ever had in my life.
So what makes them so tasty? There are some basic differences you will find in ingredients and equipment that is used to produce these incredible waffles. First, they are made from thick dough and a coarse Belgian beet sugar. This creates a very unique caramelized sticky and delicious waffle. In addition, the waffles are pressed by a solid cast iron press, which also contributes to the caramelized sticky perfect waffle. This waffle has a rich vanilla flavor and is made to be eaten as an "on the go" item when wrapped in paper when served.

There are many ways you can dress your waffle with fruit and whipped cream or both. It makes a great snack or a fun dessert to be shared with someone else. Did I just say share? What am I thinking, get your own.

So what if waffles are not your thing and you want something else Taste of Belgium has just what you need. Crepes, yes crepes made to order in a variety of different flavors and fillings. You can get sweet of savory ones depending on time of day. I have had the banana and Nutella crepe and it was simply amazing.

Can't get down to the market but you want a waffle? No problem you can pick up them up all over town at these following locations:

◦Market house at Findlay Market
◦The Coffee Shop on Madison in O’bryonville
◦Coffee’n'Cream in Fairfax
◦Pleasant Perk in Pleasant Ridge (weekends only)
◦Whole Foods Market (Hyde Park & Mason)
◦Bigg’s (Hyde Park & Mason)
◦Lookout Joe
◦Mammoth Coffee
◦Coffee Emporium (Hyde Park, Downtown & Xavier)

Still cannot make it out to pick them up no problem you can have them shipped to you. Just call 513-381-3280 or email at

Taste of Belgium can also can cater your next morning meeting email them or call for details.

Follow Taste of Belgium:


Hours: Tue-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm

It is hard sometimes in life to slow down and enjoy every moment. So next time you are close, stop by the Findlay Market and visit The Taste of Belgium and take some time to enjoy what authentic really tastes like.


Jean-Francois said...

Hi Ken,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a nice review! And thank you for insisting on the hours of operation at Findlay Market. Too many people do not realize that the market is open during the week.


Julie said...

JF's waffles are the most authentic anywhere-- I've had them in New York (frozen, shipped from Belgium, and taste like it), in Paris (good, but not like we get at home!) and in Brussels. I'll take one of JF's any day.