Monday, June 2, 2008

Butterflies and XM Channel 115

As promised today we took Brianna to the Butterfly Show at the Krohn Conservatory. I personally found the show to be a little over hyped. Although, the best part was watching Brianna look around in amazement of all the different varieties of butterfly species. During our time there we asked Brianna a few times if she wanted to have a butterfly to hold on to in her hand but she declined to do so. I don't blame her I am not much of a bug guy myself.

Once we left the show it was time to make the hour drive and take Brianna back home. During the drive a few things stood out about my time Brianna. One moment defiantly stands out among the rest. This would be Sunday as we are leaving to take Brianna to the museum. Nicole turns on the radio to XM channel 8 (Eighties), within seconds we hear a voice from the back seat saying, "You know what? This is not the Disney Channel (XM Channel 115). Or when she put on multiple puppet shows for Nicole and I at the Children's Museum. Although when I grabbed her small hand to cross the street I realized what responsibility we have been given. A responsibility make sure kids have a strong hand to hold on to and admire. They need to know when they grab hold that we are leading them the right way in life. This is not easy but its a challenge I look forward to someday.

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Andrea said...

What a sweet post! And yes, you will be great at it one day! :)