Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Corvette ZR1

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Ok, since I started this blog back up I have been trying to stay consistent and write from the heart and be soulful. To be honest I only think there are two people reading this and they are both girls, thanks Andrea and Nicole. Anyway I have always held out for the chance that there may be one dude out there who may be reading this so I try to even out my blogs to cover all bases.

With that said, today I decided to blog about American muscle, I know pretty redneck, or as you would say up north WT. This video actually shows things still do get made in America. Not only made, but still at a high level of excellence. Even if it only gets 9 miles to the gallon and it cost you $200.00 to fill the tank for a nice Sunday drive to buy ice cream. All joking aside this is a sweet ride which combines performance and function to the highest level.

Ok one more Corvette joke, come on I kid because I care...... I think Corvette's tag line should be, "The Corvette, helping men get threw their mid-life crisis for over 50 years." Okay I am done....All yeah can someone let me borrow $120K...lol

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