Monday, June 9, 2008

You can do it Rocky.

Well it's official I am on an exercising program so I don't die before I am 40. Ok, now I am not training for a marathon or anything so I am just walking for now. So this morning I got up, and Nicole,Lucy, and I headed out on our way. Now I am way out of shape,as of right now I am at a 38 BMI, so this is pretty much a necessity for me.

As we got half on our walk I noticed something. Lucy was struggling to keep up with us only after about half way on our walk. At moments she was stopping and taking refuge in the shade under a tree. Was it true? Was Lucy just as out of shape as me? I felt so bad because I feel like it's my fault for letting her get this way. I found myself being my dogs personal trainer, encouraging her to keep going, not to stop. I felt like Mickey encouraging Rocky to just go that extra mile. So here I am walking and about every few steps Lucy looks at me like she was saying, "Are you serious? No one said I was going to sweat."

Aside from Lucy being a diva, I really enjoyed time with the family. You see June 8th has not historically been a fun day for me. It is the anniversary of my Dad's passing. Normally I sit around and just feel blah, and make sure I don't catch any Father's Day commercials on TV. This year I decided to enjoy my life I have, and make new memories that one day I plan on sharing with my Dad.

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Andrea said...

Congratulations Ken! You can do it! And don't feel bad about Lucy being a lazy ass. She is just used to the good life. We can't get Josie around the block if its above 60. She just looks at us and says, "Cookie?"