Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dinner and a show.

So how did you spend your Sunday evening? Well Nicole and I decided to do dinner and a show. No it wasn't your standard dinner at Applebees and a sticky floor movie down on the levee. We decided to cross the river, that right let me say that again, we crossed the river. For those who know me at all, you know that took some courage. I must say I am glad I did.

We started out with dinner at Andy's Mediterranean Grille and I must say the food was spot on and what I expected. Funny story though, before we got there I commented to Nicole that ever since I have grown the beard I look Middle Eastern/Mediterranean and she rolled her eyes at me. Although when we walked into the restaurant the owner "Andy" thought I was a close church buddy of his. Nicole and I laughed, then I said, "you see the beard is very exotic." I love my summer beard.

From dinner it was only a short drive to the theatre, that's right theatre with like real actors and playbills and stuff. I know kind of surprising from me huh. Nicole ordered the tickets online and she did a great job because they where perfect, right in the front row to the left of the stage. The show is called, "The Great American Trailer Park Musical" and when I saw the stage there was no mistaken it was going to be funny. With Christmas lights strung everywhere to beer bottle vases reminded me of home... ok well not really but living in Kentucky we do have Wal-Marts enough said. This hilarious and tuneful domestic melodrama is set in Armadillo Acres, a North Florida trailer park, where having your baby kidnapped isn’t half as tragic as getting a bad perm. The story revolves around Norbert, a toll-booth attendant, and his despondent wife Jeannie whose 20-year marriage is threatened by newcomer, the hot young stripper Pippi. A comedy about agoraphobia, adultery, ‘80s nostalgia, spray cheese, road kill, hysterical pregnancy, kleptomania, strippers, flan, and disco.

On the way home Nicole said, "I need something sweet." Which means a trip to the dairy queen where we got blizzards. Well the diet can wait because it was the perfect ending to a perfect date with my wife.

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Andrea said...

LOL Ken! I'm having a hard time seeing you as Mediterranean! Is it as hot as your six flags pass?