Monday, June 30, 2008

I am that guy.

It seems my attempts of not becoming old, has failed. I find myself doing and saying old guy stuff. For example I have noticed that any time I see a boy wearing his jeans around his knees I say,"what is wrong with these kids nowadays?" You have to agree that looks pretty stupid. Although I used to wear a jacket that made me look like Michael Jackson in the eighties. Neither one is inexcusable. The strange thing about all of this is that I don't really feel old. Okay I can't drink myself threw a work week or shake off an occasional hangover. Those days are over, they have been replaced with waking up early and walking the dog.

As I grow older I find myself having a lower tolerance for stupid people. Its not that I hate them, its just that I would prefer them not be a part of my normal day to day life. I know, now I sound like the old man on the porch yelling, "Get of my laaaaaawn." I actually look forward to the day, the day when I am so old that people with think its cute when I yell and rant. I just picture myself in a rocking chair with some nice whiskey on rocks. How I long for that day.

So I guess I am that guy, who as he gets older finds more things to complain about. The good thing is I have a very loving wife who will listen then laugh. Now that is all a guy can ask for, someone to listen and understand. Even if it makes no sense at all and borderlines on insanity.

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