Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Dare You

hat was something I heard all the time when I was a kid. For those who didn't know me as a kid I didn't turn down too many dares. You didn't have to go to the dreaded double or triple dog dares, I would take you up on it pretty quick. I must say my pride got me hurt a lot as a child, although I was a kid and what else where you going to do, right?

One thing my friends and I did do all the time was ride bikes. It didn't matter if it was sunny or raining, we where always on our bikes. Sometimes it was to just ride to a friends house to play Atari, or a all day drive to my grandparents house in Cincinnati. So I am sure your asking what does my lack of turning down a dare and riding bikes have to do with each other?

I have decided to accept a dare, the dare to lose weight on Livestrong.com . I was reading on the website last night and once I saw the word dare, it was on like donkey kong. LOL... sorry I have been dying to use that phrase. I have bought a bike and I am committed to shed the flab. I will get into the bike in a future blog.

Anyway, so lets review, I can't turn down a dare, my childhood was so boring all I did was ride bikes, and I have accepted a dare to lose weight at age 35. No problem I am glad we had this chat.

To follow my progress: Livestrong Blog


Andrea said...

Go Ken! Let's see a blog about your new bike. Does Nicole know she is about to be replaced? :) Tell her we can commiserate together.

Louie said...

hey ken, i definitely dont mean to be a creeper i was just curious about your blog. anyways i hope everything is going great on the bike and im glad i could help you find one that worked out. best of luck getting fit, as a fella who went from 253 to about 195 (and back to 210...damn college) i can attest that it is a great way to shed pounds but dont be mindful of the scale, just go out and ride and enjoy it. best of luck man, sorry if it seemed creepy that i dropped you a line