Monday, July 7, 2008

Quitting last forever.

I was watching the Tour De France today and it just didn't seem the same without Lance. Oh well this year is the first year I have paid that much attention to it really. There seems to be something about cycling I have always enjoyed. Although I haven't been back on a bike in several years, and for good reason I guess. A few years ago I was hit by car while riding and it was painful physically and emotionally. I haven't really told too many people but it was something I wasn't proud of even though it wasn't my fault. I have always wanted to get back in saddle but was a little apprehensive to be honest.

Then about a few weeks ago I saw a picture of an old friend on his bike enjoying life. Made me think I should just do it. I should just get a bike and head out and explore and find out whats waiting for me around the next corner. Now I know what you are thinking, yeah I am little worried about the biker pants and the biker jerseys well lets just say I will be not be doing any Nike ads anytime soon.

Lance says, "Pain is temporary, but quitting last forever." I will try to remember that when I am trying to climb my first hill again. That is what I like about this video, he falls but he doesn't give up.


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Andrea said...

Quit whining and buy your damn bike already! :)