Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life in a box

Hello out there whomever you are, I don't have anything specific to write about today. It was a normal day work,home,and sleep. Boring you say, not really to be honest. I guess one may feel as though it is boring, and ask why didn't you do something fun and get out of your box and live a little. Right now I don't mind being in my box, it may not be much but its mine and I am sharing it with my sweet wife and awesome dog.

I imagine one day I am sure I will look back and realize how easy it was just to go to work then home then to bed. I will long for days that weren't filled with dirty diapers and soccer practices. Some would say I am behind in life, but I believe everything happens in its own time whether you agree with it or not. This is not good for me since I am very inpatient.

I see myself right were I belong, with a long road ahead. A road I am sure that will be mostly uphill. Things do happen, and life will stare you down and test your will. Its how you choose to confront it, and respond, that will make the difference. A challenge is how we learn, but you have to allow yourself to learn.

Inside my box there is love and hope. Two things that don't have a price and can't be equalled by anything or anyone. Inside my box I am content, not chasing a carrot I can't catch. Don't worry I am not going to sell my wears and go live in a commune. I hear their dental plan stinks anyway.

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