Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's A Twister

One look at that picture and you begin to understand what kind of evening Nicole,Lucy, and I had. I was enjoying my Sunday nap when I kept hearing the neighbors saying, "Oh my God!" over and over again. I also heard some thunder in the distance. At first I just rolled over to get back my summer slumber. But my curiosity got the better of me so I looked out the window and saw a black sky. As I turned around,the tornado sirens erupted. I ran out to the living room and saw Nicole sitting there on her laptop. I said, "Have you looked outside?" She said she was just out there a half hour ago with the dog and it was fine. The sirens keep ringing, I told Nicole we would need to head down to the garage. I ran down the steps outside and looked around the corner and I was stunned. It was a large wall cloud rotating towards us. I ran back up the steps and told Nicole get Lucy and don't worry about anything else. So I grabbed the keys and my Blackberry, this just proves that I guess I consider my Blackberry as part of the family. When we got to the garage we nestled ourselves in front of the back concrete wall. At this point the rain started coming down very heavy and thunder that wad defying. I was, to be very honest, worried. God bless my sweet wife, as we sat there she said we should have a prepacked emergency bag. Always thinking, what would I do without her and her constant pro activeness. Well the storm blew over without any serious damage here. Then the sun came out, and we ended our evening with Italian Paninis for dinner.

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Craig said...

It was pretty bad at my place too, but mostly just a lightning show. At one point the trees were about bent over and moving in different directions which got me a little concerned about a tornado.