Monday, October 20, 2008

6 Months

I don't normally like to share conversations Nicole and I have in our bedroom, not because they are risque, but because they are normally pretty boring. Although this morning was kind of funny. As I was sleeping so nicely Nicole gentle whispers, "Happy Anniversary" So I responded, with my eyes still closed, "It's not April." Then we both laughed and said our goodbyes for the day.

Nicole and I have made it to six months of marriage. I know its not that big of deal to some of you that have been married for years. Although for Nicole and I it is our first semi-anniversary since we got married in Jamaica in April. So what did we do? Nothing because stupid me decided to help someone out at work so I am working late. I know pretty stupid huh! Oh well i meant to remember, but did I? No.

Got me thinking, is this how it happens? Do you get married and always forget the anniversary? I hope not because I enjoy surprising Nicole and celebrating days like that together. I know what you ladies are saying, "Men never remember, its in their DNA." That may be true on some level but I think you have to make it a point to remember. That is what they appreciate guys. Its not the diamonds or Kate Spade bags you buy them, its that you remembered. Today made me understand how important that is to her and to us that I remember.

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Kring said...

Happy half anniversary Ken and Nicole! 6 months and only a lifetime to go...heh...Cheers!

Christian and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary in March. Neither of us can remember the exact date and I have to think really hard about what year it was! Just wait until the kids scramble your brains.