Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I know I have remained political neutral here, and for good reason. The reason is because everyone I know, aside from a handful, have decided to get on the bandwagon of Barack Obama. Now by saying that I know I am going to lose some friends. If so then I guess we weren't friends anyway.

I know some of you have read the issues and decided that Obama makes more sense to you. That is your right as a American. A right that is defended by thousands of troops everyday around the world. But if you are jumping on the apparent "winning team" because it is trendy and progressive. Or you have a "we are just different" view of the world then I am sorry for you.

I have decided to come out and be vocal about this election. Even though I may alienate myself from my friends. I will not bash Obama, its up to you to make your own decision. I won't post pro McCain/Palin videos. Nor will I try to take an arrogant stand from my candidate. I will not call someone stupid or bash them just to make my candidate look better qualified.

Now understand I am not going to sit here and waste my time to get your vote. I am not campaigning for anyone. If you want that then just turn it on any news station like MSNBC or CNN they have such a crush on Obama, it is causing some male newscaster to get tingles up their leg. Yikes. Not to mention how arrogant and angry they are at McCain/Palin that they spend their entire show yelling and insulting Sarah Palin and John McCain. If you are getting your political information from biased news networks you may want to move passed the rhetoric and do some homework on your candidate.

My belief is that there are a lot of people out there saying Obama is the best choice so they don't seem out of touch or not progressive. But when they are in the voting booth they will vote their conscience. The will vote for someone who will make the hard decisions this country needs. That choice is will be John McCain.


Andrea said...

Oh Ken, are you miffed about my Palin posts?

Funny that you insinuate that by supporting Obama that you don't support the troops. I am tired of this notion that just because you don't support the war in Iraq you are anti troops or unpatriotic. As a woman whose family has served in WW II, Desert Storm, Iraq, Somalia, troop rotations in the Persian Gulf, I am certainly not against the men and women of the armed forces. I, in fact, admire them greatly.

America is hungry for change. I believe that it is actually palpable in our society for the first time in my life. Obama's message and campaign of "change" resonates with people for a reason. It is hardly a bandwagon.

I think that John McCain is an intelligent man with some good political ideas. However, in my opinion, the republican party is out of touch with the people that they claim to represent. Their view of the United States as a white, Christian, middle class society, with homespun values is outdated and dangerous.

If you are looking for the McCain/Palin love fest its on Fox news. Tune in anytime of the day to see their outrageous stories relating Obama to terrorist and any other nonsense they can drag up. You can find many "arrogant and angry" pundits unleashing their feelings about Obama/Biden

Just because you write about a candidate and take digs at another on your blog hardly makes a person "arrogant". It is part of participating in the political process and stating your opinion. Yes, the opinions that those dear troops so bravely protect.

If someone says that they are an Obama supportor just to save face in front of their friends of family, they have other issues bigger than a political election. I don't know a lot of people who say oh I love Obama but then are secretly going to vote for McCain. Its a ridiculous notion.

VOTE OBAMA 2008!!!

Andrea said...

P.S. I still love you even though you are a republican.

ken said...

I never said that by suporting Obama you are unpatriotic. I agree with you that America is hungry for change. Unfortunately Obama will have trouble getting things done with anytime soon with the current Wall Street issues. And the congress which has a worse approval rating than the president.

As for Fox news they drive me crazy and I perfer not watching too much of any news network. i wish the news could just report the news instead of thinking they have to take sides to be entertaining. The worse is Keith Obermann on MSNBC. He is insulting and has gone way beyond reporting news and taken his dislike for McCain/Palin to a very personal level. Which doesn't do anything good, it just makes him look like an idiot and divide us.

Obama, I believe will win but the "change" he is preaching is good on paper. But we are going to have to change more than the president in Washington to see change.

P.S. I still love you guys too. And it wasn't your post about Palin that miffed me off. I always enjoy your blog!