Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Got Tagged

Well I want to start out by saying I am not much on chain mail or those annoying reply all emails. When I first saw the the comment from my good friend Andrea on the last post that I was tagged I was thinking tagged?? Then I headed over to her blog Evolve and discovered that it wasn't anything like that all. What it was asking me to do was something that I don't normally like to do, and frankly scared me.

I found out that being tagged requires me to post seven random and or weird facts about myself. Okay here we go....


The items I am about to share can not be repeated or held against me in a court of law.

  1. I use my tongue to scratch my throat. This btw drives Nicole crazy and she hates when I do it anywhere around her.

  2. I have a watch fetish

  3. Can do several voice impressions of people and this would again be something that Nicole could do without.

  4. Knows probably way too much about his neighbors.

  5. Once asked his Mom and Dad, when he was 5, if we could take my sister back to the hospital because she wouldn't stop crying.

  6. Wonders why he can't stop doing what he shouldn't be doing. And why he can't do what he should be doing.

  7. But most of all, thanks God every night that I have the best wife and friends anyone could ask for.

Well there you go, that should be enough for everyone to laugh about for a while. It was fun thanks Andrea. This was a great exercise to really bring out things that you may want people to know about you but never could work into a conversation.


Andrea said...

Good facts about yourself Ken! You are very brave. :)

ken said...

Nobody reads my blog so I am safe.